Radiactor 4.0.

Radiactor 4.0

Xitanit® 2.0 reflects the heat of the sun and maintains body heat - keeping heat where it should be during winter. The weave structures distribute sweat optimally over the entire surface of the skin.

Radiactor - gold among thermal clothing

Are you looking for thermal clothing that’s perfect for severe frosts and tailored to the female and male figure? It seems impossible, and yet... In the X-Bionic thermal underwear collection, you will find sets tailored to the needs of women and men, allowing you to enjoy the most intense physical activity in the most challenging weather conditions, even if they change several times during the day! Radiactor can be considered gold among thermal clothing thanks to its appropriate technologies. Do you want to be closer to nature? Xitanit® 2.0 is a material that absorbs the body's excess heat and heat produced by the sun. As a result, it ensures adequate body temperature. But that's not all - this fabric removes excess sweat, and when the body cools down, it releases the excess heat. Nothing can surprise you anymore. Both our women's and men's winter sports T-shirts and pants keep insulation at the highest level, despite the extraordinary lightness of the material. Functional zones affect the thermoregulation of body temperature and improve the body's efficiency and endurance. You don't have to waste valuable energy on other activities. Your possibilities are also increased by the X-BIONIC® Partialkompression® technology, which is responsible for better muscle stimulation and, consequently, increases their efficiency and shortens the regeneration time.

Enjoy comfort in all conditions

Are you afraid that intense physical activity will make the thermal underwear stick out from the body, and the cold air will get inside anyway? With X-Bionic, there’s no need to worry. Radiactor is underwear that adapts to the body of both men and women, wrapping them carefully with a pleasant and extremely light material. Additionally, thanks to the Expansion Ribs® technology, the joints are also secured, keeping you warm even when they are on the move. In this case, do you plan on going for a walk in the coldest possible conditions? Thanks to the golden Radiactor collection, you will love winter and winter sports too. Or perhaps you will decide to participate in a ski competition? How you use the thermal underwear is your decision. The most important thing, however, while wearing Radiactor, you know this professional preparation for winter sports will allow you to achieve even more. Don't wait - discover that winter is fun and that physical activity in this seemingly difficult time is even better!