A New Generation Of Cycling Performance.

A New Generation Of Cycling Performance.

X-Socks® Cycling provide optimal contact from the foot via the shoe to the pedal, ensuring excellent control and optimal transmission of power.
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Men's Cycling

Professional cycling clothing for men

Are you able to recall your first few meters on two wheels? Even though it was a long time ago, some people can still remember this moment of breakthrough, which was accompanied by an extremely high level of adrenaline and excitement. YES, it was a breakthrough, as riding a bike is a skill that makes a boy a man. After all, dad can ride a bike, and he is a role model, an idol, and a superhero for any little boy. In the beginning, cycling is all about fun. It is nice to see a little boy pedaling as fast as he can while wearing an oversized hoodie. After a while, cycling becomes a passion for many people, and an ordinary sweatshirt won't do. There is a need for professional men's cycling clothing that combines technology that will enable us to remain the best.

From a little boy on a two-wheeler to an athlete in the X-Bionic cycling outfit

The same emotions as during the first meters driven on two wheels often accompany the start in the first competition and the first victory. But the road to such a triumph is long and hard. Cycling ceases to be recreational and becomes only fun when we start measuring the driving time and strive to improve every time we ride. This is when the competition begins, and you compete with yourself. The desire to be better and better means that the usual sports attire doesn't suffice; rather than helping you, it restricts you.

Then we look for even more advanced technology. We expect men's cycling apparel to have freedom of movement and be effective in dispersing moisture, have efficient ventilation, and have above-average comfort. Everyone who is serious about cycling and understands the importance of sportswear buys their first X-Bionic jersey and shorts at some point.

"I was surprised by how much my body can do when I put on my first X-Bionic cycling kit. It occurred to me that my expectations were too low, and I just didn't have the right conditions to do even better."

The work of all muscles requires the support of a unique X-Bionic cycling garment

Almost all our muscles are engaged when we cycle. This causes sweating, and the buildup of moisture results in a loss of comfort, which negatively impacts results. It is crucial to create the right driving conditions to maximize your potential. Nothing, not even an inelastic T-shirt, shorts with a mismatched waist, or sweat-retaining leggings, should limit you. You can expect much more from the X-Bionic men's cycling apparel. The innovative structure made of hydrophobic Twyce® Cool Zone fibers accelerates moisture transport to the outside. This process is supported by the 3D Bionic Sphere® System with ThermoSyphon® and Air-Conditioning Channel® technology.

Give yourself a chance to feel even greater satisfaction by achieving better results.