Extraordinary technology for safety and comfort. Experienced riders know that the right clothes are a part of a great, safe tour as much as riding ability. But protection can’t go hand-in-hand with restriction of movement.

Professional motorcycle clothing

Adrenaline, excitement, strong wind, acceleration: Riding a motorcycle gives you a unique experience. Do you remember your first time on a motorcycle? How did you feel then? How would you describe this adventure? Did you already know then that this would be your passion? What is important when riding a motorcycle? Is it skills? Concentration? Or maybe proper preparation in terms of equipment and clothing? All these factors affect your ability as a motorcycle rider, but some, like professional motorcycle clothing, you only notice when you become a true motorcycle enthusiast.

Now I know that body temperature affects concentration, thanks to X-Bionic

The first time I got on a motorcycle, I wore jeans, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt. Of course, I didn't forget my helmet, but it was my piece of protection at the time and the only professional one too. I rode a few kilometers at a reasonably slow speed and felt warm despite the optimal temperature outside. I thought it was adrenaline and excitement. These feelings continued to accompany me for months afterward, resulting in excessive sweating. When I stopped making progress and motorcycling became a routine, although it was still a passion, I decided it was a good time to swap my t-shirt and pants for professional motorcycle clothing. That's when the quality of my riding improved significantly.

Excessive sweating, thermal discomfort, and lack of proper ventilation and conditions for heat exchange cause the body to start concentrating on fighting unfavorable conditions rather than the riding itself. This means an increased risk of an accident and loss of control, and insufficient ability to control the motorcycle and thus use its full potential. That's when I decided to take X-Bionic professional motorcycle clothing on my next ride. It was a breakthrough that I wish for everyone.

When X-Bionic professional motorcycle clothing becomes a must-have companion for every trip

Air temperature, adrenaline, and emotions make it difficult to maintain the correct body temperature and thus negatively affect thermal comfort while riding. X-Bionic motorcycle clothing uses technologies focused primarily on maintaining an optimal body temperature of 37°C (98.6°F). The 3D Bionic Sphere® System with ThermoSyphon® technology removes uncomfortable moisture and heat and prevents the body from cooling down while resting. Air-Conditioning Channel® is a ventilation system consisting of special channels that wrap around the body. On colder days, the ISO-CalfPad® protects against cooling down. In addition, X-Bionic professional motorcycle clothing promotes comfort and convenience. The pants feature an optimized IDEO-Waistband®, while the sweatshirts adapt naturally to your figure without restricting freedom of movement.

Feel the adrenaline even more without the thermal discomfort. Let us take care of your good experience on every ride.