Radiactor 4.0 Men.

Radiactor 4.0 Men

X-Bionic® presents Xitanit® 2.0 which reflects heat of the sun and your skin using scientifically backed methods. Keeping heat in the right place during winter. Xitanit® 2.0 features and woven structure distributes sweat over skin effectively.

Technical sports underwear for men

Ensuring adequate thermal comfort while practicing winter sports is extremely difficult. The key is to take care of heat and effectively transport moisture. Protection against the cold that appears after the end of intense activity is no less important for professional athletes. If these are your expectations regarding technical sports underwear, by choosing Radiactor for Men from X-Bionic, you’re choosing the best solution! Radiactor 4.0 Men is not only functionality that allows you to maintain the body temperature at an appropriate level and, consequently, increase the body's efficiency during intense exercise. Radiactor 4.0 Men also includes technical underwear with a designer look - the golden color of the T-shirt, trousers, and ¾-length trousers give you the energy to match its color! No wonder people using this type of thermal clothing can boast high results achieved not only in everyday training but also in various kinds of competitions. Not passionate about competitive sports? Choose the Radiactor technical underwear from X-Bionic to complement your outerwear and enjoy winter relaxation in all conditions. Thanks to this, you can successfully climb mountains, walk in the forest, run, ride a bike and even exercise in an outdoor gym.

Choose comfort, choose Radiactor

Radiactor is one of many types of thermal clothing designed for demanding winter conditions. These models cope perfectly even in extreme frost - they not only cool and heat at the right moments but also dry very quickly, thanks to their lightness. The material used has a positive effect not only on maintaining the proper microclimate during physical activity but, interestingly, it collects excess heat to release it when you get cold. By choosing Radiactor, you can feel confident playing any sport. This material provides maximum comfort - it does not restrict movement, and all this is due to the fact that it perfectly fits the athlete's figure. So you can run, do strength training, ride a bike, and also climb mountains. Are you starting your sport adventure? Have you been practicing for a long time but still haven't found the right gear that will allow you to enjoy the sport to the maximum? Check out our Radiactor collection and see that no weather will be able to stop you from leaving the house.

Choose Radiactor - choose gold thermal clothing, both realistically and figuratively