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Earlier cooling. Enhanced performance. Get ahead with a trick.

The Challenge
Normal thermoregulation during athletic activity follows defined rules: When the body temperature during activity climbs over a certain point, sensors in the back notify the brain via the spinal cord of the need for cooling. Only then is sweat produced to cool the already overheated body. How can we prevent the body from overheating in the first place?


With athletic activity, the body temperature climbs steadily. Only when the upward curve reaches the zone of overheating does the body start to counteract it. First, though, since the begin of sweat production has been delayed, it must work to lower high temperatures. Cooling off takes longer; vital energy reserves are lost. The body stays in its optimal performance zone because sweat production kicks in earlier thanks to THE TRICK®. The early onset of cooling quickly and effectively decreases the already low body temperature. Athletes protect their energy reserves and can call up higher performance.