Invent® 4.0 Women.

Invent® 4.0 Women

Nuevos estándares en rendimiento y comodidad con Invent® 4.0. La colección ligera trabaja intensamente junto a ti para regular la temperatura corporal y cutánea.

Invent® 4.0 Women

Being an athlete — whether professional or amateur — is not as easy as it seems. Often, training is rewarded with great pain, and many simply give up. It’s no wonder — sport requires stamina, willingness to fight and a strong character. However, you don't have to push your limits right away. You can start with a recreational activity that will gradually stimulate your body, show you the benefits you can achieve and prove that sport is not a chore, but a good time! Proper preparation will certainly help. By choosing functional clothing for women from X- Bionic, you will be able to feel comfortable and beautiful in all conditions. And as you know, an aesthetic outfit that cares for your body is an extra incentive to leave the house!

Invent for Women - perfect even for different conditions

Invent® 4.0 for Women is a new collection that meets the highest standards, allowing you to achieve maximum comfort! It is a collection that perfectly harmonizes with your body, all to provide it with the right temperature and protect it from overheating or freezing. In the collection, you will find short and long sleeve tops, pants, shorts and much more. Perfect for loose, everyday running, as well as more demanding exercises with an instructor.

When starting out with sports, we often want to achieve the maximum right away, to gain even more than was initially possible. When choosing the Invent collection for women, you choose high-quality material that is extremely comfortable. Thanks to its flexibility, it does not restrict movement, allowing you to perform any activity. They are calm, but also extremely intense. The material cools perfectly when you sweat, while keeping you warm when it is cold, thanks to the moisture removal technology.

When performing acrobatics in fitness classes, you certainly want to feel confident and at ease. Ordinary sportswear may reveal certain parts of the body with different types of inclination. With X- Bionic , you don't have to worry about such situations. The shirts and pants fit perfectly. They will stay in place and no matter what movements you make.

Do you want to feel free and pleasant, and at the same time don’t want to give up your favorite physical activity? X- Bionic Invent for women will help you with that!