Energy Accumulator 4.0 Women.

Energy Accumulator® Women

With the Energy Accumulator® it’s now come down to precision work. We aren’t changing the entire concept, but we just hammer away on each small detail. If you optimise the single features, you end up improving the entire system. It’s not about an entire revolution anymore. When it comes to functional apparel, that was already accomplished by the Energy Accumulator®. This is now all about evolution.

Energy Accumulator for women, wintersports range by X-Bionic. Warms you up when it gets cold. Cools you down when it gets warm. The Energy Accumulator® 4.0 maintains optimum body temperature in all conditions. Whether for high-energy activities in the snow, exposed ski lifts or chilly training sessions at the skating rink. Thanks to its 3D Bionic Sphere® System with Thermosyhpon® Technology, your body temperature remains close to an optimum 37 °C.Uses sweat regulation and cooling technology to maintain optimum body temperature, which improves muscular endurance. Seasonal ranges Patriot & limited edition Melange.