Invent® 4.0 Men.

Invent® 4.0 Men

Supera nuevos límites en deportes de ocio con la ligereza de Invent® 4.0. La prenda inteligente regula la temperatura por ti para permitirte concentrar toda tu energía en el deporte que practicas.

Invent® 4.0 Men

Do you love finding new success? Breaking records? Pushing your own limits? With Invent functional clothing for men, the world of sport is open to you. Modern technologies and high-quality materials mean that when you choose Invent, you choose smart clothes. X- Bionic has created clothing that regulates the temperature for you, and you can focus your energy and concentration on your sport. You can overcome your own weaknesses, cross borders and exercise for serenity.

Invent for Men - perfect even for warm weather

Invent is clothing that is perfect for cycling, running, playing football or practicing many other sports. This light, functional underwear is especially useful on warmer days, but if you are not a fan of the heat, you can also use it in autumn or winter. The material it’s made from is extremely comfortable. X- Bionic can be successfully used during a short ride on the bike , as well as during intense workouts. You don't have to worry — when your body temperature rises and you start sweating, Invent for Men clothing will take care of removing the excess moisture. What distinguishes this entire set of functional clothing is how light it is, using modern Retina® with ultra -high resolution technology.

With Invent functional clothing , the 3D Bionic Sphere® system takes care of maintaining the right body temperature , providing adaptive temperature compensation with properly placed functional zones. This technology keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's warm. It is supported by Sweat Construction Traps®, which are responsible for collecting sweat and discharging it to zones with intense evaporation. You don't have to worry about your back overheating anymore — Invent T-shirts are equipped with reinforced kidney rib material, which effectively protect the kidney and pelvic area from cooling down. This clothing is also comfortable and elegant, you certainly won’t pass unnoticed! A good fit that will support the body in action and won’t restrict movement. You can do whatever you want — functional clothing from X- Bionic will help you with this!

Try the Invent for Men functional clothing collection today and focus on comfort in all conditions. Reach for more and make your dreams come true!