Radiactor 4.0 Women.

Radiactor 4.0 Women

Introducing Xitanit® 2.0, which absorbs the heat of the sun as well as body heat to keep you warm. Smart features and woven structure of Xitanit® 2.0 diffuses sweat over your skin.

Technical clothing for women

Women love gold. Gold jewelry and sports, however, have little in common. However, if you want to shine among your friends and feel special, and at the same time give yourself the energy to act in the most intense conditions, choose pure gold. Gold that will cool you down at the most intense times and, at the same time, warm you up while resting. Bet on Radiactor - a golden collection of thermal clothing for women that will perfectly match your figure, the type of sport you are doing, and also your high expectations. It does not matter if your form is at the highest level or if you are just starting your sport adventure. It doesn't matter if you love winter or this gloomy season or if you prefer to stay under a warm and nice blanket. We guarantee that Radiactor technical clothing for women copes with the most severe frosts and prevents your body from experiencing these difficult conditions at any stage of exercise. Sports competitions? The first days of outdoor physical activity in winter? Or maybe a family trip and admiring mountain landscapes? Light thermal underwear from the Radiactor line will keep you warm despite its extraordinary lightness. Once you put it on, you will feel like you are wearing nothing!

Bet on sports, choose Radiactor Women

On the one hand, the cold does not encourage outdoor exercise in winter; on the other, polyester thermal clothing prevents the body from breathing and sweating, discouraging further activities. The 3D Bionic Sphere® system with ThermoSyphon® technology provides exceptional breathability, effectively transports excess moisture away, and reflects heat, thanks to XITANIT® 2.0 fibers. What else can you expect from Radiactor for Women? It also gives energy. Modern technology turns sweat into energy, and thus facilitates thermoregulation and allows you to use energy to act, not to heat the body or cool it down. Maintaining a constant body temperature is extremely important during intense physical activity. The bacteriostatic properties of the materials are also important, as they protect against the growth of bacteria and, consequently, allow you to feel fresh even after many hours of trekking or skiing.

Do you love gold? Radiactor can be considered gold among thermal clothing and will allow you to feel comfortable while achieving your full potential