Energy Accumulator 4.0 Women.

Energy Accumulator® Women

With the Energy Accumulator® it’s now come down to precision work. We aren’t changing the entire concept, but we just hammer away on each small detail. If you optimise the single features, you end up improving the entire system. It’s not about an entire revolution anymore. When it comes to functional apparel, that was already accomplished by the Energy Accumulator®. This is now all about evolution.

Energy Accumulator Woman

Whether you are just starting your adventure with ski touring or are already a seasoned skier, do you want to do it for your passion or treat it as a competitive sport? In either situation, you need to properly prepare for the conditions in the mountains. And these tend to be different and change dynamically. If you want to not run out of energy on every section of the route – particularly at the beginning and end, as that’s when the expedition is not only exciting but also most challenging for you and your body - then Energy Accumulator Woman is the thermal underwear that will meet your requirements. Energy Accumulator Woman brings not only comfort and functionality but also design. If these features are important to you, we guarantee that X-Bionic has created lingerie models tailored to your needs. You can be sure that Energy Accumulator Woman is a garment that will keep you cool during the hottest and most exciting moments of your trip and, at the same time, warm you up when it gets cold. Whether you ski for kilometers in full sun or severe frost - our clothing will help you maintain an optimal body temperature.

Support for your body in all conditions

Ski touring is your passion, but would you like to try something more over time? Nothing stands in the way. With the functional Energy Accumulator Woman thermal clothing, you will have the strength for every action - whether for a long and exhausting mountain trip, vigorous activity in the snow, or cold training on the ice rink. The modern technology used in producing X-Bionic clothing, the 3D Bionic Sphere® system, allows you to maintain the optimal body temperature and protects against cooling down and overheating, thus increasing the body's endurance, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted physical activity for even longer. Functional thermal clothing from X-Bionic will work in all conditions - you can use it even during walks on frosty days. It is not only a way to keep the body warm during physical activity but a way to comfortably survive harsh winter conditions. If you value warmth and comfort that cannot be provided during the winter months - Energy Accumulator Woman will surely meet your requirements and make winter no longer terrible for you.

Invest in Energy Accumulator and see that winter is a time that can be spent actively in many ways, maintaining thermal comfort in all conditions