Energizer® 4.0 Women.

Energizer® 4.0 Women

In order to keep you performing under all conditions, X-Bionic® engineers have made the tried-and-tested even better and further developed the product according to the latest scientific studies. The Result: the Energizer® 4.0. The best Energizer® ever. A technically outstanding product that optimally supports your thermoregulation. It cools when you sweat. It warms when you're cold. The body core temperature is stabilised, the body is relieved and performance is increased.

The innovative Energizer® 4.0 is always the best choice. The strong performance of the temperature-regulating features reduces soldiers’ sweat, but doesn’t put a stop to it completely. Only that way can they maintain a perfect body temperature of 37 °C in critical situations and, thus, can stay ready-to-go to fulfill their duties precisely.