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X-Bionic® Triathlon products will protect and excell you. Engineered for the unique demands of triathalons - have the confidence to take it to the next level in racing, or conquer your personal best with X-Bionic®

Functional triathlon clothing

Do you run? Do you swim? Do you ride a bicycle? Do you love these sports, but years of training had made them stop bringing you the joy you had when you first went out? Lack of enthusiasm has translated into reduced training efficiency, and thus no new achievements appear on your sports account? Slowly you start looking for something new that will make your heart beat harder. How about combining running, swimming and cycling? Triathlon evokes tremendous emotions - how to cope with such different conditions?

Small ideas lead to significant changes, which X-Bionic is helping with!

The idea of triathlon has germinated in your head relatively recently. Still you are already starting to think about organizing your training course so that you feel perfectly comfortable in the water, on the bike and during the run. Good approach - proper preparation is the key to success. Coming out of the water, a chilled body uses more energy and seeks warming. When cycling, you warm up quite quickly and thus need to dissipate excess heat and sweat. You look for available solutions and triathlon outfits - and you come across X-Bionic. Clothing that will not only give you the proper protection in all conditions, but also make you the best and fastest. Modern technologies in the X-Bionic clothing ensure that your body temperature is maintained at the right level in all conditions, regardless of the sport you are currently practicing. You appreciate X-Bionic for helping you wick away sweat and regulate your temperature, until one time on the workout of your life, you are caught in a sudden rainfall. Only now do you understand that if it weren't for X-Bionic you wouldn't have made it - a significant drop in temperature plus rainfall would cause your body in traditional clothes to rebel. Instead of losing energy to perform, it would lose energy to warm your body and regulate the temperature. Triathlon clothing from X-Bionic makes you focus on action instead of your body and its needs. You use your energy to achieve success! After a dozen/something workouts, you decide it's time to face others. The first competition amateur, but it is also the first success. You will long remember them and the role played by X-Bionic.

Reap 100% of your potential for success!