Man was not born for cycling. Otherwise, we would have humps for sitting to allow the ideal saddle contact. We would need 1 million years until evolution may adjust the body for cycling. Or you can wear X‑BIONIC® today. Because X‑BIONIC® is a step ahead of nature, using scientific findings from bionics to facilitate more physical peak performance. Sophisticated bikewear serves as the highly functional interface between the body and sporting equipment. Limits disappear, performance increases. Whatever we can achieve in cycling, is much better with X‑BIONIC®.

Professional cycling clothing

When you first get on a bike for the first time, it is accompanied by excitement, pride, and fear. You wonder if you can handle it and what distance you'll be able to ride. In the beginning, you have three or four wheels to stabilize your bike, and when you're ready, you let yourself go further, riding on two wheels. You are still a child, carefree, with a lot of courage and curiosity about the world. Whether you ride your bike in sweatpants and a t-shirt or jeans and a sweatshirt doesn't matter to you. What matters is that you can cover your first kilometers. Later in life, however, it turns out that professional cycling clothing plays a crucial role in your ride's comfort, convenience, and enjoyment.

Willingness and passion are essential at the beginning, then motivation and the right cycling outfit must be present

Imagine that you regularly go for long walks. You start with short distances and a steady pace. You can do this in jeans and sneakers, or even a dress and sandals. A passion is born in you, and more and more motivation comes with it. You walk faster and start to feel uncomfortable when pants with minimal elasticity restrict your movements, and an unbreathable T-shirt increases sweat and intensifies the feeling of humidity.

It's the same with cycling. Professional cycling is more than recreational riding on a city bike. This is where there is competition, overcoming your weaknesses, and a growing desire to be better. This is when you recognize that there are aspects that you can change in order to follow a successful plan. You understand that professional cycling clothing gives you a better chance to achieve your goals.

Understanding this relationship between performance and professional cycling apparel, you are looking for advanced technologies that will allow you more freedom of movement, provide thermal comfort, and remain comfortable, even over long distances. This is where X-Bionic comes in, which realizes the sports plans of professional cyclists. Win together with them!

The trusted link between you and your bike is the X-Bionic cycling suit

Cycling requires the correct position but also good quality equipment. When you have the skills, form, motivation, and passion, you can climb higher and higher up the rungs of your career ladder. You still need to make some crucial choices. Choose cycling clothes that will allow you to develop and push you forward. X-Bionic cycling clothing consists of many elements, including technical shorts with a Two-Step Front 3D Bionic Sphere® system that cools during movement and warms during rest; it also has a special insert for comfort. The X-Bionic cycling collection includes jerseys for optimal thermoregulation and proper compression. It features the Air-Conditioning Channel® ventilation system. X-Bionic cycling suits follow your movements, allowing you to engage all your muscles. Once you put a suit on, you begin to understand what limitless possibilities there really are. See how you can do more. Get even better with your bike.