Men's Cycling Short Sleeve Zip Shirt

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Our Partialkompression® optimizes muscle coordination, body temperature control, performance duration and recovery time. Go faster. Go further.

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Size chart







Chest (in cm) 90-96 96-102 102-108 108-114 114-120
Waist (in cm) 77-83 83-89 89-95 95-101 101-107
Chest (in inch) 35-38 38-40 40-43 43-45 45-47
Waist (in inch) 30-33 33-35 35-37 37-40 40-42
Increases muscle endurance

Boost your muscle endurance, and maximize your performance on long trainings and competitions.

Optimal ventilation

Keep your body optimally ventilated during sports. Our patented technologies remove moisture and keep you comfortable.

Freedom of movement

Enjoy full freedom of movement, without restrictions or limits. Move with confidence and style!

Keeps you fresh

Our special Skin Nodor® yarn inhibits odor and the growth of bacteria so that you feel fresh even after an intense sports session.

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Product weight 160G-5.64OZ
Fabric Content 88%Polyamide, 9%Elastane, 3%Polypropylene

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Developing the ultimate functional sportswear is not enough for us. Our goal is not only to provide you with the best gear in the high performance sports world, but also to ensure that your investment meets all your needs, requirements and expectations while performing at its best. We offer a two-year X-Bionic warranty on our revolutionary products.

Most Important Information

  • - X-BIONIC® 4.0 PARTIALKOMPRESSION®. A new benchmark in compression technology that improves muscle performance and recovery without compromising on cooling.
  • - ONLY WITH X-BIONIC® 4.0: INNOVATIVE ULTRA-HIGH-DEFINITION RETINA® TECHNOLOGY. Precision body mapping for extreme comfort, body temperature regulation, and muscle support.
  • - AWARD-WINNING, PATENTED 3D BIONIC SPHERE® SYSTEM WITH THERMOSYPHON® TECHNOLOGY. Special 3D structures cool when they sweat and warm them when it’s cold.
  • - SWEAT TRAPS®. Strategically placed to keep them drip-free and cool.
  • - AKTIV-BUND®. Highly elastic to ensure a perfect, secure fit for greater efficiency and comfort.


Ready to bring your cycling performance to the next level? The X-BIONIC® EFFEKTOR 4D CYCLING ZIP SHORT SLEEVE SHIRT MEN - an ingenious decision layer incorporating the latest innovations of the X-BIONIC 4.0 generation - will support you in bringing your performance to the next level.

The next generation of the legendary patented 3D Bionic Sphere® System with ThermoSyphon® structure supports natural thermoregulation and sweat management. Its complex 3D structure on the back and chest has internal and external air channels whose thermodynamics improve your skin climate. ThermoSyphon® cools when you sweat and warms you when you're cold. Closely spaced channels capture perspiration and transport it to evaporation-intensive regions. This maximizes cooling and increases your performance.

In addition, a new benchmark in compression technology, the X-BIONIC® Partialkompression® utilizes the advantages of compression without neglecting cooling. Its unique narrow bars exert targeted pressure on the muscles, thereby reducing muscle vibration, improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and enabling faster regeneration – all without neglecting skin cooling.

This X-BIONIC 4.0-generation product is manufactured using ultra-high-resolution Retina® technology. You can feel the difference in its high effective density, intensive functional transfer and precisely defined functional zones.

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