Swiss Mountain Athlete

Phillippe Mauer


A proud Swiss, Philippe Maurer, has been doing sports since he can remember himself. Spiritual recreation, inner peace and satisfaction together with mental and physical encouragement for personal growth are the main reasons Philippe is driven to do sports. During his school years, he practiced 2-3 different sports at the same time - for example, football, handball and tennis.

However, his greatest passion of all, has been a relatively recent discovery. Only about 5 years ago, Philippe has discovered mountain sports, and since then he is doing as many outdoor activities as possible. Depending on the weather and his mood, he goes to the mountains on his motorcycle, bike, or by paragliding, skiing, climbing or even on crampons, when doing high Alpine tours. When he sets his mind on something, he just does it, turning everything into an adventure with an adrenaline rush, staying true to his motto: "Go where you feel most alive."

Philippe highlights that the mountains are very demanding. Even when in the valley it might be warmer than +30 degrees, on the mountain top it could go down to negative temperatures with strong wind. The best support in such contrasting temperatures in the clothing he wears. X-Bionicยฎ๏ธ and X-Socksยฎ๏ธ products have been the strongest allies in his adventures, keeping his optimal body temperature and optimizing his performance even when he is exposed to hot and cold weathers in one day while doing strenuous physical activities that produce a great deal of sweat.

Philippe is the type of person who prefers talking less and doing more. In his new project, which took place from August 1 to 31, 2020, Philippe has set himself a goal to conquer at least 25,000 meters in altitude by hiking for 30 days in order to collect money for mountain farmers in need. As a result, he has hiked up to 26,547 meters in altitude, donating almost 10โ€™000 francs to the collective account โ€œBergbauern in Notโ€, specifically set up by Caritas.

Philippe and his partner, Ylenia Perrone, have even bigger plans for the future. The two are currently building a community of like-minded active mountain lovers. The first meeting with 20 mountain-friends has already taken place, and multimedia platforms are in the making. What will become of this project is worth following!