Women's Under Layer Light Boxer Shorts

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Improve your performance and comfort in leisure sports. Precise support for body temperature regulation, keeping your personal climate in balance.

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Regulates body temperature

Maintain your core body temperature at 37°C, keeping you cool when you're warm and warm when you're cold.

Freedom of movement

Enjoy full freedom of movement, without restrictions or limits. Move with confidence and style!

Keeps you fresh

Our special Skin Nodor® yarn inhibits odor and the growth of bacteria so that you feel fresh even after an intense sports session.

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Product weight 40G-1.41OZ
Fabric Content 92%Polyamide, 5%Elastane, 3%Polypropylene

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Developing the ultimate functional sportswear is not enough for us. Our goal is not only to provide you with the best gear in the high performance sports world, but also to ensure that your investment meets all your needs, requirements and expectations while performing at its best. We offer a two-year X-Bionic warranty on our revolutionary products.

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The new X-BIONIC® INVENT® 4.0 LIGHT BOXER SHORTS WOMEN are your feel-good insurance for every sport. This functional underwear for women is extremely adaptable and kind to the skin. And the moisture management of this undergarment optimally supports your performance.

Comfort is increased and skin climate is optimized by numerous intelligent technologies, especially the large 3D Bionic Sphere® system, which cools when you sweat and warms you when you're cold so you can perform with greater efficiency in every situation.

Vertical channels, so-called “Venus XT Ribs,” support effective climate management. This is especially important during intensive sports when you need to exchange air with overlying layers. The new X-BIONIC® INVENT® 4.0 LIGHT BOXER SHORTS WOMEN are designed to achieve this, even during extremely strenuous activities.

A secure hold is provided by the Ideo-Waistband, an ergonomically optimized Waistband tailored with a higher line at the back.

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