Swiss National Alpine Ski Team




The Swiss National Alpine Ski Team is a superpower in the field of skiing worldwide, having demonstrated on numerous occasions its incredible strength and determination - in the Olympic Games, in World Championships and World Cups. Without a doubt, one of the reasons for the team’s success has been its constant application of good science. Thoroughly tested garments in aerodynamic tunnels, 3D scans of athletes (in collaboration with Armasuisse), new training methods for their athletes; the approach has always been highly academic. This dynamic mix of theory and practice has put the team on track for a series of historic successes. X-Bionic® as official Sponsor and Partner has contributed to those wins and on the continued performance of all their athletes.

Swiss national team's alpine ski history stretches much further back than X-Bionic. Historically, they saw phenomenal skiers like Pirmin Zurbriggen, Vreni Schneider, Erika Hess and Michela Figini. All of whom competed during the 80s, which was a golden era for SwissSki on the international stage. With X-Bionic supplying the technical decision layers and socks, SwissSki are on another medal streak. X-Bionic has had the pleasure of supporting SwissSki athletes such as;


  • Didier Cuche, top 10 all time in FIS world cup Down hill & Super G. 186 Awards during his career. He holds the title for oldest race winner in the World Cup.
  • Lara Gut Behrami, Olympic medalist, over 20 wins in speed events at FIS. Currently top 10 in all time women racers at FIS and top five in Super G at FIS, with time yet to climb the all time tables. In 2015-16, she took the overall title in FIS
  • Beat Fuez, Olympic gold medalist and top four all time in FIS ranking, with no sign of slowing down
  • Wendy Holdener is a slalom specialist and Olympian - you can read more about our brand ambassador here.
  • Marco Odermatt is world reknown in giant slalom and Olympian. He is also a brand ambassador of X-Bionic.


A shared history

- 2012 Didier Cuche wears X-Socks in last competition before retirement. He wins, holding a world record for oldest race winner.

- 2013 X-Bionic become official supplier to SwissSki. A mutual partnership; SwissSki get the best functional ski underwear on the market and X-Bionic get to see their products tested at the highest stakes internationally. Since this partnership began, SwissSki has won 6 gold, 3 silver and 6 bronze medals at the Olympics. 

  • 2014 Dominique Gisin gold
  • 2014 Sandro Viletta gold
  • 2014 Lara Gut bronze
  • 2018 Michelle Gisin gold
  • 2018 Wendy Holdener gold
  • 2018 Wendy Holdener silver
  • 2018 Wendy Holdener bronze
  • 2018 Beat Feuz silver
  • 2018 Beat Feuz bronze
  • 2018 Ramon Zenhausern silver
  • 2022 Beat Feuz gold
  • 2022 Lara Gut-Behrami bronze
  • 2022 Wendy Holdener bronze
  • 2022 Lara Gut-Behrami gold
  • 2022 Michelle Gisin bronze
  • 2022 Marco Odermatt gold


Naturally, the Olympics are not the only competition in the world for Alpine skiing. With X-Bionic's engineering backing them, SwissSki have made enormous achievements in the past few years. Prior to the 2019/20 season launch, Swiss Ski Team met up with X-Bionic® to test the new X-Bionic® Energy Accumulator 4.0 using the most rigorous test in the world- the Audi Wind-Tunnel. Not only did Energy Accumulator 4.0 set a new benchmark for X-Bionic®, it also smashed all previously tested products in the tunnel. Together, we set a new standard for aerodynamics. During the 2019/20 season, SwissSki toppled the 30 year Austrian reign in the Nations Cup.


The following season, Switzerland was titled No. 1 Alpine Skiing Nation in the world. It came as no surprise then, when in 2021 the partnership between SwissSki and XBionic was extended to 2026. Christian Zingg, managing director of the Swiss Ski Pool, said;


“X-Bionic has proven the great relevance of perfect functional underwear for our athletes’ body feeling and aerodynamics”