Exclusively manufactured in Italy


Do you expect maximum performance from your products? X-BIONIC® thinks the same way. Which is why we never compromise, at any stage of production. Where conventional brands rely on cheap production somewhere is Asia, X-BIONIC® relies on the European tradition. X-BIONIC® products of unprecedented quality are produced by certified producers in Northern Italy, where the high art of yarns and textiles has dominated for generations.

The use of patented high-tech procedures and highly-qualified staff is familiar to us from the automotive or computer industries. Every product detail is painstakingly elaborated, improved to perfection and superior in efficiency and function. The key is integrated production. Every phase of manufacturing complies with our highest standards, with extremely short innovation cycles. So you can be certain that the product you own is perfect in every aspect.

Isn’t that utterly irrational?”, the economists keep asking us, as they look at the higher costs. “Irrational, yes”, we reply “but it’s also infinitely more intelligent”. Because we never wanted to be the cheapest, just the best. So that you get what you pay for, 100% top quality.

At the start X-BIONIC® production took place entirely in a small factory south of the Garda Lake. To continue the international growth of X-BIONIC® at consistent quality, X-BIONIC® of Switzerland certified a network of highly qualified and specialized suppliers in northern Italy for producing X-BIONIC® and X-SOCKS® based on the high quality standards of our brand.  


Thus X-BIONIC® of Switzerland is promoting the production location Europe and contributes to maintaining jobs and production know-how.

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