Our role models have beaten the toughest enemy: Mother Nature.

The evolution of the human race is 6 million years old. At some point, it could prepare us perfectly for the physical demands of snowboarding, cycling or jogging. But do you really want to wait 6 million years to achieve your optimum performance? X-BIONIC® already consistently makes use of knowledge from evolution to devise unique products for solutions that will help you optimise your performance. Uncompromisingly functional, with superior intelligence - in short: X-BIONIC®.


The desert fox

The desert fox or Wüstenfuchs defies the great heat with its glossy, silvery, reflective fur and the cooling effect of its big ears.
Desert fox – the inspiration behind the X-BIONIC® material innovation xitanit™, which instigates effective cooling by reflecting incident radiated heat and distributing sweat across the surface of the skin.


The shark

The shark applies an efficient principle using currents: In order to breath, water rushes through a shark’s jaws and to its gills as it moves forward. There, oxygen is absorbed, transferred to the bloodstream and circulated through the body where it becomes saturated with carbon dioxide, which is eventually dumped back into the water through the gills.
This is the inspiration for the X-BIONIC® AirIntake System. Fresh air is forced through the ducts in the front into the inside of the jacket where it absorbs moisture and then leaves the jacket through the openings on the upper body at the collar.


The beaver

The beaver has adapted perfectly to its damp, cold habitat. Its extremely dense
coat of fur has millions of tiny, fine, interwoven hairs.
Beaver – the inspiration behind the X-BIONIC® Beaver Performed Shirt™. This thin, long-sleeved shirt feels good to wear, even in a cold, damp environment. The insulation is as good as that of conventional fleece jackets that are twice as thick.


The snow grouse

Snow grouse are real survivors. They have adapted perfectly to the inhospitable, wintry conditions of high mountain ranges, some even as high as 3000 m. The grouse isn’t bothered by the high snow pressure, as its wings, despite being ultra-light, are extremely stable under pressure.
Snow grouse – the inspiration behind the X-BIONIC® InStructor HD Shirt, made from SupraFleece™, the ultimate in insulation.


The amphibian

The skin of an amphibian has a rather special talent. It can absorb so much liquid, that the animal never has to drink. The water it obtains in this way is then stored in lymph sacs under the skin. The organism is supplied with liquid whenever the animal needs it, thus counteracting the risk of dehydration.
Amphibian – the inspiration behind the innovative, highly breathable weatherprotection membrane symbionic™, that transports water vapour and droplets of sweat to the outside air.


The wallaby

Wallabies have developed a special technique for helping to maintain their optimum body temperature. At the height of summer, wallabies can often be seen licking their forearms. This moisture then evaporates, which has a gentle cooling effect.
Wallaby – the inspiration behind the X-BIONIC® 3D-BionicSphere® system. Sweat is distributed across the surface of the skin in a wafer-thin coating. There is an immediate cooling effect from evaporation, which helps to maintain body temperature at its optimum 37 °C, keeping you highly competitive. This natural turbocharger effect turns sweat into energy.

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