Australia Day.

Australia Day


This weekend, on January 26, is Australia Day. The national day that is celebrated with joy and pride reflects a diverse society and landscape. However, this year it comes with a feeling of sadness about the past months’ bushfires. The devastating effects of the bushfires show unimaginable destruction of wildlife, vegetation, and homes. 


Many heroes are fighting fires, helping animals, and supporting the people who lost their homes. Surviving animals are still facing high chances of starvation as the vegetation was destroyed in flames. 


We are giving the X-BIONIC® community a chance to show what sportsmanship is truly about: solidarity, encouragement, and lending each other a helping hand. The people, the animals, and the country still need every support they can get.


On Australia Day, January 26. 2020, from 0:00 until 23:59 CET, we are donating 100% of our webshop profits to help Australia. 


Australia still needs us and we still care!