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We offer the Wendy Holdener Limited Edition of this product until the end of October, 2019. This limited edition is embellished with Wendy's printed signature on the products and her handwritten signature on each box exclusively for you. Please choose the colorway "Twyce Purple/Arctic White Wendy Holdener Signature" if you would like to receive this product.

Optimize your cycling performance with high-tech functional garments from X-BIONIC, the innovative world champion. With its anatomically optimized shape for female cyclists, the TWYCE 4.0 BIKE ZIP SHIRT SH SL WOMEN is part of the new X-BIONIC 4.0 generation.

It promotes natural skin-climate regulation with the 200% enlarged ThermoSyphon® system, the next generation of the patented 3D Bionic Sphere® system. It maximizes your cooling so you save energy and stay productive longer.

Dr. Sandra Ueckert, a researcher at the Technical University of Dortmund, explains that endurance athletes consume as much as 97% of their energy to maintain an optimal body temperature of 37° C. ThermoSyphon® cools your body when you sweat and warms it when you're cold. The complex 3D structure of air ducts and Y-shaped elements ensures maximum thermodynamics and is supported by other groundbreaking innovations such as the AircomplexZone on the chest and sweat-conducting structures all around.

This biking shirt delivers a new experience of enhanced wearing comfort and greater effectiveness thanks to the Dolphin Rider neck and seamless sleeves on the forearms.

The new Ideo-Waistband provides reliable support at the Waistband without constricting so everything stays perfectly in position even on long tours.

This shirt is a precision instrument for top performance thanks to manufacturing by highly precise state-of-the-art machines in Retina® ultra-high-definition quality. It offers significantly more effectiveness than X-BIONIC® products of the previous generation.

X-Bionic Guarantee

We offer a two-year X-Bionic guarantee on our revolutionary products. We also provide access to our X-CLUSIVE Member Shop for all registered product owners.

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Configured Technologies

  • 3D Bionic Sphere® System with ThermoSyphon® Technology

    The patented ThermoSyphon® structure adds an extra dimension to the special properties of the 3D Bionic Sphere® system: Y-shaped elements support natural thermodynamics and thus improve sweat management.

  • 85º Technology Sleeve

    Anatomically shaped sleeve, adapted to the cyclists' posture. 

  • AirComPlex-Zone

    The AirComPlex-Zone protects the sensitive area on the solar plexus with special channels. Warm air enclosed there insulates perfectly in the cold. The system’s structure processes excess sweat from physical activity and ensures appropriate coolness in the core.

  • Air­-Conditioning Channel®

    The permanent air movement along the Air-Conditioning Channel® effectively draws out and removes moisture from the sweat zones.

  • Aktiv-Bund®

    The highly elastic Aktiv-Bund provides a secure fit and support without constricting or impeding movement.

  • Bike Pocket

    Rear pockets are positioned to provide maximum accessibility without restricting the cyclist's freedom of movement. Also constructed with elastisized tops so gear isn‘t jolted out over rough terrain.

  • Dolphin Rider Neck

    Ergonomically optimized and streamlined collar, based on typical position during cycling, to avoid helmet-collar-collisions.

  • Expansion Flex Zone at the shoulder joint

    The Expansion Flex Zone encircling the shoulder joint optimise arm movement.

  • Expansion Ribs®

    The flexibility of the Expansion Ribs® and the elasticity of the yarn allow frictionless freedom of movement without the risk of cooling down.

  • Flexor Arm Cuff

    Assymetrical arm cuff to avoid unpleasant sleeve movement.

  • Front Zip

    Practical front zipper, concealed to protect against penetrating cold and moisture.

  • IDEO-Waistband

    The ideally designed, ergonomically optimised waistband, with higher cut in the back, keeps the garment in place even during constant movements.

  • ISO-Shoulder

    ISO-Shoulder forms an insulating layer to keep penetrating cold at bay. Outstanding protection against chilling upper body garments.

  • Kidney Ribs

    Kidney Ribs are made of an enhanced material for insulation in the particularly temperature-sensitive kidney and pelvis area.

  • Sweat Traps®

    Large dimensioned sweat traps, ergonomically positioned based on laboratory tests, prevent the moisture from dripping and provide active cooling.

  • Twyce® Cool Zone

    The X-BIONIC® TWYCE® innovation: the Y-Structure created from hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibres generates a “push–pull effect”, which helps to transport sweat more quickly from the ThermoSyphon® Technology, and to distribute it where it can evaporate with maximum cooling effect.