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100 % performance? You can do much more with double cooling. These X-BIONIC® TWYCE 4.0 BIKE BIB SHORTS PADDED WOMEN from the X-BIONIC 4.0 generation increase your performance through superior skin-climate regulation.

The key component is the ThermoSyphon® System, the next generation of the 3D Bionic Sphere® System, which has been enlarged by 200%. It cools when you sweat and warms you when you're cold. Unlike the legendary 3D Bionic Sphere® system, the complex 3D structure of inner and outer air channels is now complemented by Y-shaped elements. These further improve the system’s natural thermodynamics, enabling significantly increased performance.

The unique PartialKompression® reduces fatigue, gives you greater muscle control and improves your nutrient supply – and it achieves all this without neglecting cooling.

The high-quality integrated pad has a high shock-absorbing effect and is ergonomically pre-shaped to maximize comfort when biking or spinning.

These cycling shorts are a precision instrument for top performance thanks to the new X-BIONIC® production quality in Retina® ultra-high-definition technology. This cycling super-sportswear with comfortable straps is manufactured by the most modern, highly precise machines and accordingly offers you significantly more effective density and effectiveness of all functions.

The proven Innerlap Air conditioning zone, the Intercooler, the SweatTraps® and the ISO-Pad now work even more effectively than ever before.

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Configured Technologies

  • 3D Bionic Sphere® System with ThermoSyphon® Technology

    The patented ThermoSyphon® structure adds an extra dimension to the special properties of the 3D Bionic Sphere® system: Y-shaped elements support natural thermodynamics and thus improve sweat management.

  • Aktiv-Bund®

    The highly elastic Aktiv-Bund provides a secure fit and support without constricting or impeding movement.

  • Comfort4000FX Bike Pad

    The Comfort4000 FX Bike Pad is anatomically formed and fits the female anatomy perfectly. With it, pressure is removed from sensitive capillaries and nerves.

  • IDEO-Waistband

    The ideally designed, ergonomically optimised waistband, with higher cut in the back, keeps the garment in place even during constant movements.

  • ISO-Pads

    ISO-Pads enable targeted insulation of individual body parts from a cold environment. By retaining body heat that is necessary to guarantee interior organ functions the temperature-regulating zones prevent the cooling down of the whole body.

  • Innerlap AirConditioning Zone®

    Air permeability is increased in this area through the Innerlap AirConditioning Zone®, the insulation layer is reduced, so air conditioning is strengthened by air exchange.

  • Intercooler

    This 3D construction collects perspiration on the upper thigh and maintains it directly upon the skin so it can evaporate optimally while directly on this muscle group. Between periods of exertion, the Intercooler’s rib technology lies in a wavelike structure on the muscle to provide insulation. The locked­-in air protects the muscles from over­cooling.

  • Sweat Traps®

    Large dimensioned sweat traps, ergonomically positioned based on laboratory tests, prevent the moisture from dripping and provide active cooling.

  • Twyce® Cool Zone

    The X-BIONIC® TWYCE® innovation: the Y-Structure created from hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibres generates a “push–pull effect”, which helps to transport sweat more quickly from the ThermoSyphon® Technology, and to distribute it where it can evaporate with maximum cooling effect.

  • X-BIONIC® Partialkompression®

    X-BIONIC® Partialkompression® applies targeted pressure on 1 mm-wide ridges. Left and right of the ridge is a compression-free area where compression could have a negative effect on blood circulation to the skin. In this way the blood fow through the veins and capillaries remains unimpended.