Winter Sports Women

At the top of innovation: X-Bionic® ultra-lightweight winter sportswear . Which give you the ability to perform better and increase your endurance and maximum freedom of movement.

Wintersport Women

Do you love physical activity in fresh air, but also value warmth and comfort? Now you don't have to choose. Winter sportswear from X - Bionic will keep your warm and comfortable in all conditions. Frost, snow, moisture or moments of warmth —you will feel comfortable and light, all thanks to well-selected materials and clothing construction. A women's winter sports outfit doesn't have to be boring — we offer women's tops, pants and winter sports accessories that will make you feel feminine and special! Whether you choose downhill or cross country skis, skates, boards, or just want to run in a nearby park, you must try our winter clothing. Comfort matters in all those sports — our clothing is light, airy, durable, and provides maximum freedom of movement. When choosing clothes from Apani , X- Socks or Radiactor for women, you can feel special. Check out the Energy Accumulator offer, which you can now buy in limited colors — Melange and Patriot.

Winter clothing for women for every situation

Winter sports are demanding on the body. Frost and snow chill the body, forcing it to use valuable energy to stay warm instead of for action. But physical activity also makes you sweat. The combination of the heat from the active body and the cold from the frosty air causes great discomfort and, what’s more, it can lead to unpleasant consequences. When choosing winter clothing for women from X- Bionic, you choose models that will provide you with maximum comfort regardless of the temperature and weather conditions.

These are high-quality solutions thanks to their material, the use of, e.g., Merino wool gives you medium compression, and intelligent technologies prevent the accumulation of moisture, allowing you to feel pleasantly warm. The 3D BIONIC SPHERE® system WITH THERMOSYPHON® TECHNOLOGY, which contains complex 3D structures with internal and external air channels, also plays an important role. This design cools your body when you sweat and warms you up when you are cold. The design of the clothing is also helpful, ensuring that the clothing stays in place, even during intense activities.

Choose professional winter clothing for women from X- Bionic and enjoy physical activity in all conditions.