Puma | X-BIONIC®.

Puma | X-BIONIC®

Thermoregulating PUMA by X-BIONIC® products improve the cooling effect of sweat so you can save your energy for even higher performance. Advanced technology cools you down when you sweat during exercise and warms you up when you get cold during recovery, so you can keep your training regular right to the end. How about a short-sleeved running shirt, running shorts or a jacket? Nothing can stop you.

PUMA | X-BIONIC® Keeps you performing under all conditions. Functionality and technical prowess doesn’t have to be at the cost of style. The new PUMA | X-BIONIC® collaborative collection proves just that.

Have the freedom to step outside in January or July and feel the rhymth of the street as you run. With X-BIONIC® technologies embedded into the technical clothing, you will be ready for hot or cold. Our activewear has technical features woven into it to such as maintaining a body temperature of 37°C. By distributing sweat to where it is needed when you are hot, your sweat is used more effectively, but the technology is only activated when you are hot and sweating. Otherwise, the garment acts as an insulating layer.t is important to support your muscles and be efficient, but so is comfort - any unpleasant wetness of clothing is relocated to high requirement muscle groups, which ticks all the boxes.

Wearing the PUMA | X-BIONIC® clothing, you’ll be looking stylish the whole time too.