X-Bionic Base Layer Men.

Base Layer Men

Controlling sweat is good. Taking advantage of it is even better. The X-Bionic® Base Layers distribute the sweat precisely where it belongs – namely, over a wide surface and directly on the skin.

Base Layer Men

Professional sports require not only enormous strength and willingness to fight, you must also prepare well to take care of your body. Do you run marathons? Do you love intense and risky mountain climbing? Or maybe you specialize in cycling? No matter what you do, Base functional garments Layer Men by X- Bionic will help you. This clothing is equipped with modern technology that helps to cool the body, which in turn means you need less energy to regulate your body temperature, increasing your performance. With X- Bionic, you will achieve even more!

Functional clothing for every occasion

Sports preferences may change. Today you love running, you love cycling tomorrow, and in a week you will find that you are competing in your first triathlon. When preparing for different disciplines, you need to equip yourself with all kinds of accessories and gadgets to expand your competitive abilities and achieve more to stand on the podium! If your goal is success and making your dreams come true, we have created the Base collection with people like you in mind.

Base Layer Men is a perfect solution for people doing long workouts or practicing endurance sports, thanks to the technologies used. Innovative RETINA® ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION technology provides ultra-high definition texture, ultra-high density feature transmission and ultra-precise body zoning. It stops unpleasant moisture, the feeling of overheating and reduces the risk of hypothermia during rest and recovery phases. X- Bionic Base Layer Men also uses the legendary, patented 3D Bionic Sphere® system, which ensures proper temperature regulation using precisely placed functional zones. It warms you when you're cold and cools you when you sweat. This solution is complemented by Sweater Traps® technology, which collects sweat and transports it to evaporation zones. Reinforced kidney rib material insulates the heat-sensitive kidneys and pelvis. What more could you want?

The whole thing is complemented by the fact that X- Bionic clothing fits perfectly to the body, thanks to the appropriate, flexible cut that adapts to every figure, without the risk of restricting movement. Freedom in demanding sports is most important and we give it to you!