Instep Protector

Instead of pressure from above: Science from below.

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    • Instep Protector

      • Prot .: RCD EU 39516-0065
    • Original X-SOCKS® - patented and protected

      • Patented climate-controlling socks:
      • - USA Patent No. 6286151
      • - European Patent No. 1011352  
      • - Australian Patent No. 742686
      • - Canadian Patent No. 2288026  
      • - Protected as a Community Design, No. EU39516/RCD No. EC39516
  • Instep Protector

    Instep Protector
    • Buckles and laces can become a problem in sports that are reliant on leg-power. Pressure points and chafing aren‘t unusual. The Instep Protector minimises the problem. A soft cushion spreads out the point pressure significantly reducing the incidence of painful pressure points and scraping, bruising and blistering. The Instep Protector also provides for a pleasant feeling in the shoe.


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