X-BIONIC® Bike Pad

If you train hard, you should at least have a soft seat.

  • Detailed information

    • The problem:

      A bike saddle can be a form of torture for the rider. Athletes perspire heavily in the groin area. The constant movement of the cyclist's legs meant the skin is prone to chafing. During long rides the bottom area also starts to hurt. To protect the athlete from lesions many manufacturers therefore sew pads into their shorts. This looks comfortable but does not solve the problem which is to create an optimal interface between body and bike.

    • The solution:

      The X-BIONIC® Bike Pad is anatomically formed and fits the human anatomy perfectly. With it, pressure is removed from sensitive capillaries and nerves. It is not simply sewn onto the pant as traditional bike pads are. Instead, X-BIONIC® leaves off the chamois during the manufacturing of the pants and then sews it in separately by hand so the fit and elasticity of the pad is not affected by the pant material. This guarantees fit and comfort never before experienced. The 3D upper layers, each formed differently, absorb the sweat and remove it to ventilate this sweat-intensive area. This comfort from the fabric also prevents saddle sores. Chamois sections are divided into different zones horizontally and vertically to create an anatomical pad. The sections adjust with the up-and-down movement of the pedal strokes to work with the fixed saddle. Pressure is then evenly distributed to provide a smoother and more efficient ride.

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  • X-BIONIC® Bike Pad

    X-BIONIC® Bike Pad
    • Ultimate3000XT Bike Pad

      Ultimate3000XT Bike Pad

      Gel and foam cushions combined with a 3-D knit structure on the surface from front to back. This masterpiece won the Plus X Award and received the title "Best Product of the Year" in 2011.

    • Elite2000XT Bike Pad

      Elite2000XT Bike Pad

      Gel and foam pads with an even knit structure at the front for this delicate area.

    • Comfort2000XT Bike Pad Women

      Comfort2000XT Bike Pad Women

      6-zoned layered construction of foam, adapted to a woman's anatomy.

    • Endurance1000XT Bike Pad Men

      Endurance1000XT Bike Pad Men

      Perfectly adapted layered construction with foam cushions.


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