EFFEKTOR™ Technology

Step beyond the current limits of physics? All clear ahead!

Every revolution begins with people who think a little differently than others do, like
the engineers and scientists of the Swiss Innovation Think Tank, X-Technology
Swiss Research & Development. One fascinating result of their research: Effektor™.

Effektor™ is ingenious hardware for your skin. Each Effektor™ product embodies a highly complex functional operation that optimally supports athletes in their performance and movement. Employed is unique technology that in a targeted manner integrates with human physiology, that functionally blends with it, and that paves the way for it to reach outstanding new levels of performance.

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Optimise your cooling system:
X-BIONIC® Partial Kompression

Partial Kompression applies targeted pressure on narrow ridges. Between these ridges are compression-free zones where the blood can accomplish its cooling function unrestricted. Sweat evaporates on the skin and thus helps the body maintain its optimal temperature.

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Vicarious Connective Tissue offers support to connective tissue.

Cohesion Wrap Technology with its Vicarious Connective Tissue supports and stabilises areas of the female body with weak connective tissue.

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Pump up your energy:
37 °CCR Technology™

The human body demands a constant supply of energy just to maintain its performance-optimising body core temperature of 37 °C. The 37 °CCR Technology™ takes on that work and thus increases the energy you need to invest in turning out your best performance.

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Activate your nerve cells:
Neural Response Effect

Partial Kompression puts peripheral nerve cells in a constant state of „fight or flight“ via a steady stimulus. They then react quickly to stimulation, causing muscle contractions and reactions to increase. Coordination improves, and the risk of injury decreases.

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Perfect your balance:
Asymmetrical compression

Perfect balance in spite of asymmetrical muscular demands: Effektor™ Technologie by X-BIONIC® evens out unilateral stresses from one-sided sports such as golf and tennis.

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