X-Owners Club and new Hologram Program 4.0

Thank you for being part of our family and counting on our technologies and innovations for years. Now it's our turn to say: "Thank you!" and by that reward your loyalty.


We are glad to inform you that on 1 January 2020 we launched the brand-new X-Owners Club. You can be part of it if you own a product from us. You profit as our member from the following benefits:


  • 2-year warranty on all our products
  • promotions and special offers
  • invitations for exclusive events
  • first access to limited editions
  • points for exclusive rewards (Hologram Program with new features and offers)
  • faster checkout
  • history of your orders
  • order tracking


Some time ago we have launched a project with the Hologram Program, with which we rewarded in a very specific way, those clients who have purchased several products from us over the years. 


The old program 


Until now, every customer who purchased an X-BIONIC® or X-SOCKS® product received a hologram code located on the packaging. These hologram codes could then be collected using a collection card. As soon as a card with 12 or 24 holograms was filled out completely, it could be sent to X-Technology Swiss R&D AG together with the invoices of the purchased products. As soon as the hologram cards were observed and checked, X-Technology Swiss R&D AG sent the gift to the respective customer.

The new Hologram Program 4.0

From the beginning of January 2020, X-BIONIC® introduced a new, better and more attractive points system with the new Hologram Program 4.0. The basis of this new system will be the unique X-Points. In the future, X-BIONIC® customers will be able to get a specific number of X-Points with each purchase of an X-SOCKS® or X-BIONIC® brand product, depending on the value of the product purchased. The X-Points will be stored after the registration of the product in the customer account in X-Owners Club. You can then use your X-Points to purchase unique and exclusive products that are not available on the market elsewhere.

The main differences 

Depending on the value of your bought product you get different amounts of X-Points. In addition, the collection of X-Points will be digitized and will no longer be done via complicated analog paths. The disposition of available gifts is now carried out more quickly based on less complicated routes, allowing customers to count on a faster and simpler transaction. New products specially designed for the Hologram Program 4.0 are available to customers in the X-Owners Club.

Each product has a certain value in the form of X-Points. The number of X-Points purchased depends on the value of the thereby purchased product in the store.


  • A pair of X-SOCKS® from the generation 4.0 generate 100 X-Points

  • An X-BIONIC® product of the generation 4.0 results in 200 X-Points

  • An X-BIONIC® 4.0 jacket even yield 300 X-Points

  • All pair of X-SOCKS® from previous generations result without any exception in 30 X-Points

  • All X-BIONIC® products from previous generations result without any exception in 70 X-Points

  • All X-BIONIC® jackets from previous generations result without any exception in 100 X-Points

Step by Step 

However, new processes often seem complicated at first glance. The following step-by-step scheme is intended to illustrate exactly how the X-Points can be registered and redeemed after the purchase of an X-SOCKS® or X-BIONIC® product.

Step 1

After purchasing a new product, the first step is to register on our website. This registration can also be carried out prematurely without the purchase of an X-BIONIC® or X-SOCKS® product.

Step 2

After this registration you will have the opportunity to register your purchased products for the Hologram Program 4.0.

Step 3

As soon as the registration of a product is complete, a form will open on the registration page asking for further important information.

Step 4

With the registration of the first X-BIONIC® or X-SOCKS® product, you automatically receive the privilege to be included in the X-Owner Club as owner of an X-BIONIC® or X-SOCKS® product.

Step 5

In the superordinate shop of the X-Owners Club, special products that are only designed for the Hologram Program 4.0 can now be ordered with the previously purchased X-Points.

Step 6

It's done! From now on, all products can be registered directly and the X-Points are automatically added to the customer account. Enjoy shopping at the X-Owners Club!

Next steps 

Do you still have an old hologram collection card? No worries, because you can still register these holograms with us. Submit the hologram cards to us and we will update your customer account by crediting the X-Points to which you are entitled!
Please send your card to:

X-Technology Swiss R&D AG
Samstagernstrasse 45
8832 Wollerau