Intellectual Property

X-BIONIC® and the X-Technology® Think Tank are innovative by nature. Our Swiss based innovation is carried in every element of our brand and our Intellectual Property, including Patents of Invention, Patents of Design, Trademarks, and Copyrights. To learn more about our Intellectual Property policies, please check out the sections below.


We actively pursue counterfeit products through our legal department. Here you can find a couple of examples of our success in this area.


A non-exhaustive list of X-BIONIC & X-Technology trademarks and service marks updated on a constant basis.


Guidelines for Using X-Technology Swiss Trademarks and Copyrights: Guidelines for parties wishing to use our trademarks, logos or images.

Information on how to request rights and permissions to use X-Technology Swiss intellectual property and copyrighted materials.

Terms and Policies that apply to the .X-BIONIC, .X-TECHNOLOGY, .APANI and .X-SOCKS Top‑Level Domains.


Our brands are among the world´s leading global brands for high-performance sportswear with a comprehensive product range of more than 1’500 products. Decades of research and hard work were – and still are – dedicated to develop the most advanced performance sportswear. Our innovative solutions are unique and, therefore, carefully protected according to the Intellectual Property Rights. If you come across potential fakes or copies, please report. Help us timely react and prevent others from being tricked by similar looking, yet cheap and underperforming items.