Personal Trainer

Tania Segui


If you've ever been to a gym, the chances are good that you've seen somebody get pushed to their limits, if you're lucky enough that somebody was you. If you are even luckier than that somebody pushing you to the limits was Tania Segui.

Tania has always had a passion for sports and for helping her fellow athletes - much like we do here at X-Bionicยฎ๏ธ - thus the calling of becoming a personal trainer always seemed destined, at least in hindsight. Before her successful career as a personal trainer and club manager, Tania dedicated her time to learn about protons, electrons, and neutrons at the University of the Balearic Islands. It takes a lot of courage to turn your hobby into your profession, but that's not something that Tania lacks, therefore she took the leap of faith and followed her heart, cutting her Chemistry studies short and becoming a professional trainer.

Part of her daily routine includes teaching classes at the gym, knowing that there are quite a few of these back to back, she needs to know that she can trust her gym gear. Thus she came to join the X-Bionic athlete family, to ensure that she can deliver an extraordinary experience for all of her clients. Both cycling and Body Pump classes are incorporated in her workouts, thus Tania is fond of both her X-Bionic cycling and running gear.

Inspiring and motivating and thus empowering people is an essential part of Tania's day. Following a functional training approach, allows her to get people addicted to the active lifestyle, ultimately making them healthier and thus happier. Good music can't be missing in her workouts either, as she is a big fan of pop and Latin music and a firm believer that music can push people beyond their limits.