Season kick off with the Swiss Ski Team

The Swiss Alpine & Nordic Ski Team kicked off their ski season with X-BIONIC® & X-SOCKS® past Saturday!

Dübendorf, Switzerland - During the event, the team received one of their primary elements on the slopes: their decision layer. This year, they’ll be getting the Energy Accumulator® EVO Patriot Edition for the best sweat regulation and management system, in combination with the Effektor Ski Race Socks by X-BIONIC® for comfort, protection and stability. The Energizer® MK2 Shirts are there to ensure the most comfort and protection from the freezing climate atop of the mountains. For warming up or even post-race as the sweat management system helps them cool down but not freeze! With their X-BIONIC® & X-SOCKS® elements on, they are, in other words, ready to turn sweat into energy as they chase the so-longed podium through the season. We can't wait for the season to begin.

To top it all off, at the end of the event, the entire Swiss Ski Team was happy to sign two of our  X-BIONIC® branded bags. Any idea what's going to happen with them?

Stick around to find out!