X-Bionic X-Addict.


X-ADDICT apporte la philosophie X-Philosophy, une philosophie qui prône l'excellence, la qualité et la durabilité, dans le monde des vêtements urbains. En mettant l'accent sur la durabilité, nos ingénieurs ont créé une collection intemporelle qui célèbre l'amour de tout ce qui est X-BIONIC®.

Sustainable sustainability is longevity. Creating products that weather the storm of time is a key in opening the door to a greener tomorrow. The X-Addict collection is made out of recycled materials, creating no additional material waste.

In addition to choosing the right materials, producing in small quantities allows us to reduce waste, ensuring we utilize resources optimally. Over the last 15 years, distinguished juries of the sports and design industry have recognized our sustainable approach.