'Top Boxer' Umar Sadiq - Ready for the ring

When I step into the ring for a second time as a professional on Saturday 9th December at the Copper Box Arena inLondon in front of the television cameras, X-Bionic will have played their part in getting me in peak condition and will continue doing so when the first bell sounds.   

Over the years as an amateur boxer I worked tirelessly and consistently to ensure my fitness level complimented my skill set, to the point where as a pro I’m widely recognised as an elite prospect in the Super Middleweight division. To move from prospect to World Champion I have to make sure I keep on raising my levels, and this is the reason I chose X-Bionic to fit me out when working out and showing out in the ring.

Health clubs and personal trainers all over the world recognise the health benefits of the high intensity training that we boxers perform day in day out - I’m pointing at pad work, heavy bag work, shadow boxing, medicine ball work, circuits and so on - workouts that increase your stamina, raise your core strength and strengthen muscles. 

'Top Boxer' Umar Sadiq - Ready for the ring

In my amateur boxing days when representing England or my birth nation Nigeria as part of their 2016 Rio Olympic Team, I never paid much attention to what socks, shorts or tops I was wearing whilst in the gym training and the difference it could make to my performance. 

It’s a cliche but since my very first session wearing X-Bionic I haven’t looked back, I remember it very vividly. The Effektor Workout Power Shirt from their gym wear range, Effektor Running Power Pants and Effektor Performance Socks. 

The first instantly noticeable benefit was the fit because of the way each garment is constructed, and because the Effektor technology uses Partial Kompression my muscles felt mobile and not inhibited. Being a model also, I naturally had to check myself out in the mirror and all I can say is I knew this was the beginning of something special! 

I train out of an up and coming boxing gym in East London. If you picture Mickey’s Gym where the movie character Rocky Balboa trained out of then you’re not too far away from the environment I’m in six days a week twice a day. It’s edgy, situated under railway arches and my “Mickey”, Coach Brian O’Shaugnessy, makes sure every session is tough and intense so I can advance to the top and stay there. 

The circuits fit in perfectly with the gyms environment. We don’t rely on state of the art fitness equipment like treadmills or multi gym stations and so on, the circuits are raw and focus on shoulder strength, explosiveness, endurance and resistance. 

After running around the gym for an hour, jumping over obstacles or jumping in and out of heavy duty truck tyres the circuit session really begins. Our gym has an automatic buzzer that sounds every three minutes and then again one minute after. For three minutes I slam a 20kg medicine ball onto the floor - the buzzer goes to indicate I now move onto the next station with no rest. For another three minutes I’m hammer slamming onto the heavy duty truck tyre, buzzer goes again and I move onto the next station which is step ups whilst wearing a sand bag vest over my shoulder, then it’s onto shuttle runs, split jumps, pull ups and in total this goes on for a further two hours.  

It’s soul destroying sometimes but with that comes character building and that first session with X-Bionic in my corner I felt fresher for longer. Lactic acid build up wasn’t as apparent as previous sessions and my water in-take halved that day because my core body temperature was being regulated by the AirConditioning Channels on the front and back of my Effektor Workout Power Shirt. 

On Saturday 9th December my victory will be the result of hard work, dedication to my craft and the ground breaking technology of X-Bionic. 

Umar “Top Boxer” Sadiq is a professional boxer promoted by hall of fame promoter Frank Warren.