The Future of Stand Up Paddling

The inside of the board has been totally re-designed. We are using a revolutionary technique that has never been used before in SUP race boards. We re-developed every component of the board to reduce weight and maximize the performance potential. That’s why we created the 2-in-1 handle. The central handle on the board has an attachment that will also work as your leash holder, resulting in weight saving and re-designed functionality. The seam of the board has been re-designed, now located on top of the rails, resulting in an extra stiff board and also a more durable construction.


X-Bionic® BR1

1. Hydrodynamically-Stimulated Nose Shape

2. Stability Deck

3. Diamond-Shaped Tail

4. Maximized Waterlined Surface Area

5. Rounded Ergonomic Hull

6. Dynamically Fitted Fin Box


- Carbon plain: 200g/m2

- Fiber glass 80gm/2

- PVC Foam - Internal spine structure

- Kevlar- very minor % in some strategical places

- Epoxy Resin

- Gel coating - last layer to finish the board

Weight & Dimensions

- Weight: Under 10kg

- Dimensions: 14" x 22"

The Most Innovative SUP Race Board

Find out what makes the X-Bionic® BR1 the lightest SUP ever


We created a totally new nose shape for the board. The slicing shape has been hydrodynamically simulated and tested to maximize the ease of the glide with an extremely reduced side wave creation, resulting in a very efficient forward motion.


We created an extra-wide standing area for a 22” board. The internal standing area of the dugout section is an incredible 20 inches wide, resulting in a very comfortable and stable area. We also lowered the deck, to get closer to the water line and lowered the center of gravity for extra stability.


The tail of the board is a smooth Diamond tail with added volume for efficient wave riding and fast turning. The Diamond tail provides maneuverability whilst keeping a consistently fast pace when riding waves or boat wakes. The drag of the tail has been minimalized and two drainage holes at the lowest point of the deck.

The Future of Stand Up Paddling

Maximized Waterlined Surface Area

The waterline of the board has been hydrodynamically studied to maximize the gliding experience for riders up to 90kg.

Rounded Ergonomic Hull

The hull of the board is the crucial part of the board. Starting from a slicing, penetrating efficient nose, the hull converts into a smooth round surface, resulting in a very comfortable ride under all conditions. The hull ends with a well-designed diamond tail, resulting in a reduced drag of the board.

Dynamically Fitted Fin Box

The fin box is located 56cm from the end of the tail, resulting in superb maneuverability and great tracking ability.