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Bib number 1 at the Challenge Roth 2015

The German 9-time long distance champion and X-BIONIC® athlete Timo Bracht competes again at his favourite race in Roth this year. Last year he could win the race across the legendary Solarer Berg after many unsuccessful attempts in the past. This year wants to defend his title from the last year and is looking forward to the race. We wish him all the best for the competition!

Since the beginning of the 2015 season, Timo is part of the new TEAM SPORT FOR GOOD. It arose from the former POWER HORSE Triathlon Team he was part of the past years before. You can find out more about the TEAM SPORT FOR GOOD on our new page: www.x-bionic.com/athletes/teamsportforgood.


Looking back to the year 2014


Bracht has brought it home: X-BIONIC® athlete Timo Bracht wins the 2014 Roth Challenge

Just in time for the 30th anniversary of the Roth Challenge, Timo Bracht has won his favourite race: After he focussed entirely on the triathlon classic this year, he won the long distance run in 7 hours 56 minutes. During the race, he was able to pass Nils Frommhold, who had been the clear leader until then, 12 kilometres before the finish line, finally coming into the final station nearly 5 minutes ahead of the runner-up. The victory means he has finally achieved his lifelong dream of winning this race. He's once again shown that he is currently among the world's best triathletes. In the Roth Challenge, the German master's title for the long distance race is awarded at the same time, so Timo now holds that for the second time.

The Top 3 in the 2014 Roth Challenge



1. Bracht, Timo (GER) 07:56:00h

2. Frommhold, Nils (GER) 08:00:39h

3. Llanos, Eneko (ESP) 08:09:29h

1. Carfrae, Mirinda (AUS) 08:38:53h

2. Joyce, Rachel (GBR) 08:42:25h

3. Steffen, Caroline (SUI) 08:48:42h



World-class athlete with world-class equipment from X-BIONIC®

Equipped with only the latest and best material from X-BIONIC®, Timo was able to withstand the harsh conditions of a hot day of racing without a problem. Never before had there been such extreme weather conditions for the race in Roth: heat, wind, and rain. But that was no obstacle for the lead POWER HORSE Triathlon Team athlete, who put his X-BIONIC® equipment to the test once more. Our slogan "Turns sweat into energy" paid off for Timo once again, supporting him in victory.

Timo Bracht, Challenge Roth 2014, © POWER HORSE Triathlon Team

Timo about X-BIONIC®:

'I notice not only how much expert engineering is inside the products, but also how much love and dedication. The way the people at X-BIONIC® and X-SOCKS® manage again and again to take things and reinvent them, improve them, change them, and then create new ideas just for the opportunity to create. It's great, and inspires me as a sportsman.'

'Roth is my Hawaii'

For his hard-won victory in Roth, Timo specifically gave up the opportunity to start in the world championship this fall in Hawaii, basing his season entirely around the Roth Challenge. Among other things, he spent a few months with his family in the United States this spring, where he was able to concentrate on his form. After Horst Reichel was eliminated in June at Kraichgau, a race similarly rich in tradition, Timo spontaneously entered try-outs. There, he took third place – and German second-best – in the Ironman 70.3. This intermediate success showed him he was on the right track and was in fine form for the Roth Challenge this year, which showed in his victory at the triathlon classic.


Five triathletes – one team

POWER HORSE Triathlon TeamSince the the start of 2013, Timo has started for the newly founded POWER HORSE Triathlon Team, which is exclusively equipped with high-technology, prizewinning X-BIONIC® and X-SOCKS® functional clothing. The team now includes five German triathletes: Besides Timo, sure winners Jan Raphael, Horst Reichel, Georg Potrebitsch, and Nicklas Bock are also on board. Right from their first competition in 2013, the Ironman Mexico in Los Cabos, Timo won his eighth Ironman title and the first victory for the team. In the largest triathlon in the world, the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, Timo has already taken various top-ten results in the past, putting him among the world's elite in triathlon sports.

Hawaii Calling 2012




POWER HORSE Triathlon Teamwww.powerhorse-triathlonteam.com

Challenge Rothwww.challenge-roth.com


Timo's long distance successes

9-time winner

Ironman Mallorca 2015

Challenge Roth 2014

Ironman Mexico with track record 2013

Ironman Western Australia 2011

Ironman Lanzarote with track record 2011

Ironman Arizona with track record 2010

Ironman Germany with track record 2009

Ironman Germany 2007

Ironman Florida 2003

Ironman France with track record 2003

Timo Bracht Video

Ironman World Championship in Kona

Top10 Results

9th - Ironman World Championships Hawaii 2013

6th - Ironman World Championships Hawaii 2012

5th - Ironman World Championships Hawaii 2011

6th - Ironman World Championships Hawaii 2010

8th - Ironman World Championships Hawaii 2004


Triathlon is a very equipment-intensive sport because each athlete needs special equipment for each of the three disciplines. With its offering X-BIONIC® can cover all three sports completely, so clothing can be adapted as needed to all the sections of the route. X-BIONIC® also readies you for different weather conditions, as frequently needed under the variety of weather during a triathlon.

Timo Bracht and the TEAM SPORT FOR GOOD rely on products from X-BIONIC® and are always perfectly equipped during training and competition alike. In addition to the specially designed competition jumpsuits, the five athletes are also always on the road with our 'normal' X-BIONIC® products. Among other things, they value their high functionality and excellent fitted form:

For me and my sport, it's extremely important that I have high-tech clothing that I personally love to wear. For every weather, whether it's warm or cold, I've got the right clothing: X-SOCKS ® and X-BIONIC ®. The way the people at X-Technology manage again and against to take things and reinvent them, improve them, change them, and then create new ideas just for the opportunity to create. It's great and inspires me as a sportsman. - Timo Bracht

In the following overview, you'll find the right triathlon products for your next training or upcoming competition: