Puma | X-BIONIC® Women.

Puma | X-BIONIC® Women

A dreamteam collaboration in sportswear that delivers both style and substance. PUMA and X-BIONIC® have come together bringing you a product with stylish highstreet appeal combined with X-BIONIC®’s relentless hunt for technological finese. See for yourself below.

PUMA | X-BIONIC® Keeps you performing under all conditions. Come heatwave or coldsnap, you want to be out there performing your best. You crave the freedom to show up for the world and get your workout done.

The technical textiles and technologies woven into the PUMA | X-BIONIC® collection puts you in the best position to step out and exercise in hot or cold. The trademark X-BIONIC® technologies will keep you performing for longer, and feeling comfortable in your workout. The Y-Structure created from hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibres generates a “push–pull effect”, which helps to transport sweat more quickly, distributing it to where it can evaporate with the best possible cooling effect. This also removes that unpleasant feeling of wetness, the feeling of overheating, or the risk of chilling during rest and recovery. When you are not sweating, the clothes alter functionality, becoming an insulating layer instead.

Wearing the PUMA | X-BIONIC® clothing, you’ll be looking stylish the whole time too.