X-Bionic Base Layer Women.

Base Layer Women

During higher levels of activity a thin, cooling film of moisture is maintained while excess sweat will be transported away. During light activity, the Base Layer insulates.

Base Layer Women

Competitive sports are not only for men. Ladies also feel great in demanding disciplines and cope well in difficult situations. If you are part of the group of women for whom nothing is impossible, who love to overcome their own weaknesses and prove to themselves that they can achieve more, then the Base layer collection was made for you. The main advantage of functional clothing is protection against the cold and cooling when it starts to get warm. Thanks to this, you and your body will be able to focus on reaching your goal and achieving even more!

Functional clothing for every occasion

Sports are different. Some easier, some are more demanding. Regardless of whether you run, ride a bike or take part in triathlons, you must be well prepared. Sportswear plays an important role. The better it fits your body and your needs, the better it will be during training or competition. If you want to make your dreams come true, you must reach for quality that will support you. One thing that can help is the Base Layer Women collection, which surprises with its design, functionality and technology.

Base Layer Women is functional clothing created for people who overcome their limits every day during long and intense workouts. The collection uses RETINA® ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION technology. It is thanks to it this the clothing has an ultra-high-resolution texture, ultra-high density function transmission and ultra-precise body zoning. It is one of the elements responsible for removing unpleasant moisture, reducing the feeling of overheating or the risk of cooling the body during the rest and regeneration phases. X- Bionic Base Layer Women is also equipped with the 3D Bionic Sphere® system, which regulates body temperature using precisely placed functional zones. It warms you when you're cold and cools you when you sweat. The Sweater Traps® technology must also be mentioned, which collects sweat and transports it to zones with intense evaporation. All this is contained in extremely delicate, well-fitting clothing with reinforced kidney ribs, maintaining the temperature of the kidney and pelvis. With X- Bionic, you get everything you need!

Reach for your dreams and choose X- Bionic Base layer Women, clothing that will provide the best support during difficult training and even more demanding competitions.