Running Sportswear.


Your Training. Our Technologies. Your Success. Running your best is a tough challenge in itself. The running gear you choose to use can greatly affect your overall performance. Achieve your best time by wearing running clothing that helps with thermoregulation, endurance, and promotes comfort.

The running season has started. How to choose a professional running outfit?

Both recreational jogging and professional running training or prestigious sports competitions require proper preparation, both in terms of condition and in terms of running clothes. An improperly fitted T-shirt, shorts, sweatshirt, and shoes may result in a lack of progress and, consequently, the abandonment of activity. This should convince you that choosing a professional running outfit is worthwhile, whether you are an experienced runner or a recreational runner.

Prepare your body for the running season

Physical effort is a significant change for the body, and it's not always ready for it. Our bodies are put under a tremendous amount of stress and have to work harder, and more intensively, a challenge not every organism can handle without adequate preparation. Imagine a car that must travel thousands of kilometers. You've never taken your car to such "attractions" before, or the last such trip was a few months ago. Before you go, an inspection is performed on your vehicle, repairs are made, fluids are replenished, and faulty parts are replaced. It is the same with preparation for jogging. Whether you're returning to running or trying it for the first time, make sure that your body is in good condition, check whether it requires supplementing a deficiency or healing an injury. Then objectively look at your running sportswear.

What you run in is vital for your comfort, convenience, possibilities, and results, which should be improving with every run. However, we often think that we are standing still. The result is the same, and it seems like we cannot run a longer distance. Although each organism has its limitations, at least some limitations can be overcome with the proper support. Overproduction of sweat, inadequate ventilation for the heat stored under the shirt and pants next to the body, and pressure and limited movement are all factors that prevent us from moving forward.

Spring and running - not freezing anymore, not hot yet

Perhaps in winter, you stayed active continued your running training to maintain your form, body endurance, and muscle performance. When the season of the year changes, it also means adjusting your running clothes to the prevailing weather conditions. Spring is a transitional period, but it is also the beginning of the running season when runners can get rid of the thicker sports sweatshirt and often the caps and thermo-active underwear.

However, it should be remembered that temperature fluctuations are still considerable in spring, especially in early spring. They can oscillate even at 0 degrees Celsius in the evening and the morning and even fall below this temperature. During the day, the temperature rises significantly, reaching around 10 degrees Celsius. Whether you are a morning, evening, or daytime runner, you should choose the right running outfit.

Especially at the beginning of spring, long jogging pants will work better. Short ones are the best choice when the outside temperature has stabilized and reaches approximately 15 degrees Celsius. Thermo-active t-shirts are still helpful for jogging in the evening and the morning. Make sure you wear a hat or headscarf made of breathable material to avoid losing heat through your head.

Running outfit - comfortable and breathable

Your running suit should feel like a second skin. Since it is perfectly fitted to the body, it provides thermal comfort while at the same time allowing the body to move freely. Runners' sportswear must be made using materials that will enable effective moisture management. Elastane makes it adapt to the figure without causing pressure. However, more is expected from professional sportswear, which is why X-Bionic offers technologically advanced solutions to allow the body to perform even better.

Each element of the X-Bionic running suit provides cooling during activity, which is very important to prevent overheating – overheating decreases performance markedly. Cooling is provided by the 3D Bionic Sphere® System, which removes unpleasant heat and at the same time prevents cooling. The Sweat Traps® system transports sweat to areas where it can evaporate, i.e., in a place with Evaporation Surface Expander® technology.

After exercise, the body cools down very quickly. This risk has been minimized for X-Bionic running clothing to the fullest extent possible. Heat is stored in the InnerAirChannel, creating an insulating cushion.

As for comfort, it can be determined, among other factors, by the Close Fit material. It is elastic and well-fitted to the body yet offers a wide range of movement. There are special areas between the arms of the jogging shirts that support the free, unrestricted motion of your arms while running. On the other hand, the running pants use Neural-Response-Bandage technology, which puts pressure on the muscles to improve their efficiency.

Men's running outfit

How should a professional running outfit for men look in the spring? As long as there is a great deal of temperature fluctuation, we should not totally abandon thermal insulation, which protects us from the cold. The X-BIONIC® TWYCE® 4.0 Running Pants Men are definitely a good choice. When it comes to a T-shirt, on warmer days, a short-sleeved T-shirt is enough, such as The X-BIONIC® INVENT 4.0 RUN SPEED SHIRT MEN. However, early spring and cool mornings and evenings will require a layer of additional insulation like the PUMA BY X-BIONIC® COLLECTION offers. We're switching from regular cotton socks to professional X-SOCKS® SKY RUN TWO running socks with a thermoregulation system. These socks also have reinforcements in the toe area and Achilles tendon protection.

Women's jogging outfit

Women's running clothes also consist of long trousers such as the X - BIONIC® INVENT® 4.0. They are complemented by the X-BIONIC® INVENT 4.0 RUN SPEED SHIRT WOMEN short-sleeved T-shirt - flexible, with an elongated back, and very well-fitting. A top coat will also be helpful on cooler days to reduce heat loss. In addition, breast support also plays a vital role for women. During the run, the bust sways a lot, and it is exposed to more violent movements than usual. When under stress, the skin stretches, as do Cooper's ligaments, which hold the breasts in place, which causes the bust to droop and lose its shape. Unfortunately, this has a negative impact on the aesthetic appearance, making sports bras a necessity for women who run. It stabilizes the bust, prevents sudden movements, and provides convenience and comfort. The X-BIONIC® ENERGIZER 4.0 SINA SPORTS BRA model with the Aktiv-Bund technology is noteworthy. The material is highly flexible and adapts very well to the body while at the same time providing excellent support. Remember, however, that we should always adjust a sports bra to the size of the bust. The larger it is, the better support it needs.

Lack of progress in sport and training effectively demotivates us, eliminating our desire to keep fighting for a better body and better results. To prevent this from happening, you should combine regular training tailored to your individual abilities with the right running gear, which will support your body in terms of thermoregulation, comfort, and efficiency.