Winter Sportswear for Men.

Winter Sports Men

Scientific tests demonstrate: X-Bionic® clothing for men gives snowboarders, alpine skiers, ski tourers and cross-country skiers the ability to perform better and increase their endurance. The X-BIONIC® developers have studied the physiological demands of winter to the last detail and created unique outfits, the multiple award-winning X-BIONIC winter sport functional clothing.

Functional men's winter clothing

Winter is challenging, especially if you engage in sports in high mountains. The difficulty is not only the low temperatures, cold or snow, but also the altitude. Wanting to increase your endurance, it is worth taking care of your body temperature - this will allow you to perform better, and overcome your own body’s weaknesses.. Surely you remember the first time you went skiing in the mountains and after a few runs, you felt cold mixed with warmth? At that time, you didn't think about the great importance of functional winter clothing. When you met X-Bionic, you were introduced to a different reality of winter sports.

Comfort in winter matters - not just when walking!

You love walking, but the winter weather is not conducive to frequent movement in the fresh air. A few minutes in the cold and you feel that not a minute more? How can you survive a skiing or snowboarding trip with friends for hours? Initially, you took care of several layers of clothes and appropriate outerwear. Yes - you didn't freeze, but too much physical exertion made you return drenched in sweat. A moment's inattention, a light breeze and the next day, instead of a mountain expedition, you land with a temperature in bed? Never again - by opting for functional men's winter clothing, you choose clothing that will ensure proper body temperature regulation in all conditions, regardless of whether you tackle the most demanding trail once again or relax in the sun. X-Bionic guarantees the best winter sportswear with base layer compression. The garment is equipped with functional zones such as the Air-Conditioning Channel® and AirComPlex-Zone in the upper abdomen, and the ISO-Shoulder and Sweat Traps® under the armpit - these are responsible for proper thermoregulation. Are you tipping over in the snow? Thanks to the drawstrings, you don't have to worry about your thermal comfort - not only does the garment fit properly on your body, but it also doesn't restrict your movements. Putting on functional winter clothing for the first time, you already know that this will not be your last trip - from now on, it is a must-have in your suitcase!

Make the most of the opportunities the snow gives you on the slopes. A trip to the high mountains? Don't give up - choose equipment that will take care of you while you take care of your plans.