Trekking Sportswear Men

With the High-Tech Functional clothing of X-BIONIC® there is no limit for long-distance trails. Alpinist need the best equipment to climb from the first rock to the top of a glacier. Depending on the weather you are faced with rain, wind and snow. Mountaineering techniques meet X-Bionic® technologies.

Professional trekking clothing

Do you love hiking? Do you value exploring new regions around the world? No wonder - man has been a wandering being since the beginning of his existence. Changing realities and lifestyles have made people not only forget how wonderful it is to explore the surrounding nature but also forget the importance of spending time with each other. Fortunately, not everyone has! These days, hiking is a way for many to escape the rush of daily life and problems. While covering successive routes, a sizeable numer of hikers want to reach the point of their maximum endurance - to know their weaknesses, and overcome them. However, in order for trekking to be enjoyable and at the same time safe - it is vital to get the right trekking clothes, which will make it easier to conquer the peaks in any weather conditions.

Perfect fit and minimum restrictions with X-Bionic trekking clothing!

Legs play a crucial role in trekking - they are the ones who cover dozens of kilometers, and t hey are the ones who must perform well on any surface. You only need to cover the first few kilometers to feel your leg muscles the next day. You feel a particular difficulty when you swap hiking on flat terrain for climbing mountain peaks and other problematic areas. Do you want to conquer even more? Don't want your trekking plans to change due to the weather?

"Ever since I met X-Bionic I felt that nothing could stand in my way of climbing more peaks. The freedom and thermal comfort have given me a sense of security, which in turn makes me feel that nothing is impossible!"

A sulfurous frost and a blizzard? Or maybe heat and extremely arid air? No matter in what conditions you decide to conquer the next peak - you will put your body to the test. If you want to avoid problems with your body getting cold or overheating - bet on professional X-Bionic trekking clothing, which adapts to the prevailing conditions and thus provides your body with the best conditions to fight the limits! Do you want to feel cool when you sweat? Or warmth when your body feels cold? The 3D Bionic Sphere® system used in trekking clothing stops unpleasant moisture and the feeling of overheating during rigorous activity and prevents cooling during rest and recovery phases.

Bet on X-Bionic - a strong and reliable partner in pushing your bodies limits!