Puma | X-BIONIC® Men.

Puma | X-BIONIC® Men

This collection features all the trademark technologies from X-BIONIC® like thermoregulation and sweat management. Smart fibers activate a “push–pull effect”, leaving you more energy to push you to new limits. PUMA brings the highstreet fashion brand’s endless style. PUMA and X-BIONIC® collab is the ultimate sportswear and performance apparel.

PUMA | X-BIONIC® Keeps your performing in all conditions. You want to be able to work-out, come heat or cold. You want the freedom to step outside in January or July and feel the rhymth of the street as you run.

Wearing technical textiles from the PUMA | X-BIONIC® collection means you can do exactly this, and more. As you progress through to an active passion for running, sweat pants and loose t-shirts are not enough to support you in your endavours. The aim of beating your personal best will drive you on further. Our activewear has technical features woven into it to keep that dream alive. Features such as maintaining a body temperature of 37°C. This happens by only activating the cooling effect when increased body heat and sweat occurs. Without sweat, the garments insulate your body. It is important to support your muscles and be efficient, but so is comfort - any unpleasant wetness of clothing is relocated to high requirement muscle groups, which ticks all the boxes.

Wearing the PUMA | X-BIONIC® clothing, you’ll be looking stylish the whole time too.