Fitness Sportswear Women.

Fitness Women

Boost your workout with the X-Bionic® Fitness sportswear. The best gear for workouts like Cardio, Cross Fit, Weightlifting. Keep your Body in optimal conditions. From your Warmup, Stretching to High-Performance Training.

Fitness Women

Women love to feel beautiful, in shape and energetic. If you belong to this group of ladies, you certainly know that sports allow you to release huge layers of hidden energy, add self-confidence and at the same time, take care of your health. Do you love to exercise? Or are you still looking for excuses? With sportswear from X- Bionic, fitness in any form will become a pleasure.

It's nice to exercise with friends, get out of your daily duties, and get your muscles moving after eight hours in front of the computer. The crazy pace of life and the enormous duties mean that many women have no time to take care of themselves, not just physically, but also mentally with a break from everyday matters and responsibilities. An hour-long fitness trip with friends is a way to find a moment for yourself.

Functional fitness clothing for ladies

Effective training depends on you, your skills, willingness and the equipment at your disposal. However, if you want to support yourself in taking care of your form or want to lose a few extra pounds, sportswear from X- Bionic designed for fitness will help you perform an even more effective workout. This type of supplement will work for cardi , Cross Fit, strength training, dance and many other types of training. Whether you prefer a gentle workout or high performance, fitness apparel is perfect for warming up, training and stretching.

The human body temperature during exercise is 90 percent regulated by the skin. If you want to avoid overheating on warm days or freezing in cold weather, it is worth betting on the X- Bionic system designed for women. X-BIONIC® INVENT® 4.0 LIGHT SINGLET WOMEN is a solution that you can wear while cycling, trekking, mountain climbing or going to the gym. Maintaining the right body temperature increases performance and adds power, which means that you can do even more than before.

Clothing from X - Bionic perfectly adheres to the body, is thin and feels pleasant. Ladies appreciate it not only for its functionality, but also for its aesthetic design — you can also be beautiful at the gym!

Choose sportswear from X- Bionic and achieve even more than before.