Fennec® 4.0 Women.

Fennec® 4.0 Women

COOLING IN EXTREME HOT CLIMATES Using the revolutionary material XITANIT® 2.0, which mimics the Fennec’s ability to get hot on the outside whilst staying cool on the inside, FENNEC® 4.0 acts as a shield against the heat.

The desert fox Fennec, which is called Wüstenfuchs in German, lives and hunts in intense heat and has adapted perfectly to its hostile environment. This works mainly because its silvery, glossy fur refl ects the radiated heat and because it can release a lot of its body heat through its large ears. It is the inspiration behind our X-BIONIC® Wüstenfuchs Technology, that thanks to the exclusive XITANIT® material, is able to reflect the radiated heat from the outside air and distribute sweat all over the skin to achieve effective cooling.