Apani® 4.0 Women.

Apani® 4.0 Women

The incomparably smooth feeling of well-being pampers you, bringing you into harmony with nature with its feathery lightness. And because it's Apani® merino wool, it can do a lot more, too. Because the power of innovative ideas lives within it. Patented X-Bionic® technologies ensure the best possible conditions for your sport: perfect sweat management, self-regulating thermal balance, top-notch durability, optimum fitted form.

Keep in touch with nature wearing the full Apani range. Protective wintersports baselayer that will push your sports performance forward. The more complicated the world, the more valuable the capacity to rely on the feelings nature gave you. What does your sport need, what does your body really need? Apani® Merino by X-Bionic® is the answer to the question of original values that last. Wear Apani® Merino by X-Bionic®, and outdo yourself in your sports performance while still staying in touch with nature.