Trekking Sportswear.


You always find a path, achieve your goals and enjoys every step towards them - X-BIONIC® functional apparel for trekking and hiking is your perfect companion. The developers of this high-tech gear are explorers just as you.

Professional trekking clothes

Man by nature has always been a wanderer. However, much has changed over the centuries when means of transportation appeared, and people started using faster ways to get around. However, people remained faithful to wandering, but today they often treat it as a passion and a way to spend their free time. This is how trekking came into existence, an activity that consists of hiking under challenging conditions. The willingness to overcome one's weaknesses and cross the limits of one's abilities has become a way of life for many. To push those limits, you need the right trekking gear; it will allow you to trek in freezing temperatures, heat, strong wind, rain, or snow.

It started with walks in the woods, and then I changed my regular jeans for a professional trekking outfit

The forest seems like the perfect place for a walk. It's quiet; there's a lot of greenery around; you can hear birds singing, and sometimes you even hear wild animals talking. This is where you can breathe fresh air. At the same time, the road is not asphalt but paved, although sometimes you have to overcome obstacles both large and small—mud, protruding roots, sand, and stones. You start to like it, so you look for obstacles until finally, you swap the forest for mountainous terrain. You also look for opportunities to hike in the desert or the hills of glaciers. You become an explorer curious about the world and new places. You put your body to difficult tests, which you manage to overcome together. You appreciate the support of more advanced trekking gear, which gives you the feeling of safety, freedom, and thermal comfort. This is how we begin to accompany you on every trek.

Everyone wants the perfect, trusted, and supportive hiking companion. So X-Bionic has created a complete, devoted friend consisting of many elements. This is the X-Bionic professional trekking outfit, including pants, shirts, thermal clothing, and sweatshirts.

Be well prepared for harsh conditions with X-Bionic trekking gear

Extremely low and high temperatures, heat and dry air, frost and high humidity, sometimes gusty wind, other times heavy rain or snow. Trekking is an activity that consists of long hikes but also puts your body to the test; it fights against the weather conditions. There is a high risk of your body overheating or cooling down, losing strength quickly with increasing discomfort. To avoid this, you should opt for a professional X-Bionic trekking suit adapted to the current conditions.

The climate fix system provides thermal comfort; it is a 3D structure that cools and warms as needed. The 3D Bionic Sphere® system gets rid of unpleasant moisture and the 37 °C CCR technology supports the body's natural cooling process. Partialkompression® is a technology that uses a variable compression mechanism. Gentle pressure is exerted on the skin, which translates into better nourishment of muscles with oxygen and nutrients, resulting in more efficient regeneration.

Choose a hiking partner you can always rely on.