The Trick® 4.0.

The Trick® 4.0

Turn sweat into energy® – earlier than ever before thanks to The Trick®. This innovative solution to activate sweat earlier enhances performance in two ways. Firstly, it prevents physical overheating and secondly, it acts like a turbo for all the other technologies which support sweat management in The Trick® products – above all, the pioneering Thorny Devil Technology.

A special weave along the spinal column simulates overheating of the body. The sensors transmit their observation along the spinal cord to the brain. The brain interprets the signals as a sign that the entire body is overheating. It kicks in sweat production although the body in fact is still near its optimal performance temperature. Even before the body overheats, it‘s cooled by sweat effectively and more quickly. The strain on physical systems is relieved.