TWYCE® 4.0


##TWYCE® 4.0 Men's Running T-Shirt Running is an activity that takes various forms - recreational jogging, slimming training, and professional sports. The Men's X-Bionic Twyce, 4.0 Running T-shirt, is designed to increase endurance and comfort for better and better results for amateurs and professionals alike. It was developed using advanced thermoregulation to achieve thermal comfort for the runner. In addition, the unique design facilitates the removal of moisture to the outside while simultaneously giving the user complete mobility. The X-Bionic Twyce 4.0 Running T-shirt is a functional shirt designed to meet the needs of professional runners. ###Technical X-Bionic Twyce 4.0 Running T-shirt for maximum runner comfort The X-Bionic Twyce 4.0 Running T-shirt focuses all the runner's energy on physical exertion by using technologies designed to enhance performance. The 3D Bionic Sphere® system with ThermoSyphon® technology allows for maximum air exchange with the surrounding environment, and the Twyce® Cooling Zone accelerates moisture transport, allowing it to be effectively drained away outside. In other words, these are solutions that provide optimal cooling during physical exertion and appropriate warmth during rest and regeneration. The ISO-Ribs insulation layer around the kidneys protects this critical area of ​​our body from getting cold, as does ISO-Shoulders in the shoulder area. ###Above-average comfort in the X-Bionic Twyce 4.0 Running men's T-shirt for even better results An athlete's outfit should feel like a second skin, and it must follow their every movement. This X-Bionic Twyce 4.0 Running T-shirt perfectly adapts to your body shape without creating any pressure or discomfort. It features an elongated back for better support, and the sleeve design has been pre-contoured to allow for even better arm movement while running. It is the Expansion Ribs® technology that assures the user of total freedom of movement while simultaneously protecting the body against hypothermia. A bacteriostatic and antiallergic material makes the T-shirt resistant to the growth of microorganisms and bacteria, especially in humid environments.