TWYCE® 4.0


##CYCLING ZIP SHIRT men's cycling jersey With the new X-BIONIC 4.0 generation Twyce 4.0 Bike Zip jersey, you will experience even more efficiency, comfort, and convenience while cycling. The shirt has been optimized in its anatomical structure and thermoregulatory properties. Keeping an individual's body temperature in the proper range requires a tremendous amount of energy that is difficult to maintain. Men's X-Bionic Twyce 4.0 Bike Zip T-shirt is fastened with a zipper and has short sleeves and an elongated back, guaranteeing comfort during intense riding. ###Men's cycling jersey an effective support for the body during exercise The X-Bionic Twyce 4.0 Bike Zip cycling jersey features the 3D Bionic Sphere® System with ThermoSyphon® technology for effective moisture and heat removal. However, at the same time, it prevents the body from cooling down, which is a common occurrence when we rest. Furthermore, SweatTraps® panels and an Air-Conditioning Channel® ventilation system aid in sweat removal. This cycling jersey allows you to train and participate in competitions with the conviction that you are better prepared. The body does not have to fight high temperatures or excessive sweat and can focus more on covering more kilometers. ###Like unlimited movements in the CYCLING ZIP SHIRT The X-Bionic thermoregulation technology is supported by a well-designed and innovative jersey, which, in turn, becomes a second skin for the athlete. This T-shirt perfectly fits the figure. It is equipped with anatomically profiled sleeves and is also distinguished by an asymmetric cut that prevents the sleeves from slipping. The cycling jersey also features the innovative Twyce® Cool Zone structure. It is made of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers. The purpose of this structure is to efficiently transport moisture to a place where it can evaporate quickly. In addition, the Expansion Flex Zone located near the shoulder joint provides freedom of movement. X-Bionic's Twyce 4.0 Bike Zip is equipped with a specially designed collar to fit the cyclist's position while riding perfectly.