TWYCE® 4.0


##TWYCE® 4.0 CYCLING BIB Shorts When riding a bike, your shorts are in direct contact with the bike. A lot depends on them in terms of comfort and convenience. At the same time, the legs do the most work, so they must be provided with the right conditions to work intensively and move with a full range of motion. All these features were considered in the design of the TWYCE® 4.0 CYCLING BIB men's cycling shorts. In terms of technology and cut, they are suitable for riding in difficult weather conditions, high temperatures, and sun, and they are suited to riding long distances. ###TWYCE® 4.0 CYCLING BIB cycling shorts, perfect for long distances This model answers the expectations and needs of even the most demanding professional cyclists. Men's cycling shorts TWYCE® 4.0 CYCLING BIB use 3D Bionic Sphere technology. These are three-dimensional air chambers arranged in parallel. A new ThermoSyphon technology has been integrated, and together they enable efficient moisture transfer. It disperses heat during exercise and protects against cold during recovery. Optimal heat exchange supports the maintenance of proper body temperature, which translates into better muscle performance. The body uses less energy to regulate body heat, so more energy can be used for exercise. ISO-Pad insulating inserts, consisting of a network of channels, protect the body from the cold entering from outside. Importantly, they retain their properties even under additional layers of clothing that exert pressure on them. ###TWYCE® 4.0 CYCLING BIB cycling shorts with a perfect anatomical fit The TWYCE® 4.0 CYCLING BIB men's cycling shorts feature a Comfort 4000FX Bike Pad with multi-layer construction. It is flexible, and it is separately stitched to the shorts. This translates into comfort; the pad does not change its position and adapts very well to the body and the position adopted by the cyclist. Evenly distributed pressure on the insert makes the comfort noticeable even during an extreme ride. The shorts use the partial compression system. This improves the absorption of oxygen and nutrients into the muscles and promotes effective cooling. The muscles recover faster afterward.